The new era of gambling in Finland will begin in 2026

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Introduction to gambling in Finland

As part of the nordics, Finland truly is a stand-out when it comes to online gambling as a whole. While currently under a monopoly, things are about to change in Finland – and we dare say for the better. In 2026, big things are about to happen and the move to end Veikkaus Oy’s monopoly will open the market to international operators, heralding a new era of competition and innovation.

This transition aims to broaden consumer choice, introduce new gaming experiences, and enhance player protection through stringent regulations – which is a net good for players in our books.

Finland is about to evolve – that’s for sure. But how are the digital and global changes going to further the gambling landscape as a whole? We predict that this reform is destined to reshape the industry, promising a balanced approach to regulation, market dynamics, and social responsibility.In this article we’re going to cover everything you need to know about the changes that are going to hit the Finnish iGaming sector in 2026 – and if these changes are actually going to benefit Finnish players overall.

Historical overview of Finnish gambling laws

As you already know, the evolution of regulations in Finland concerning gambling and online casinos specifically, is a tumultuous one. The gradual liberalisation might be a byproduct of Finland’s cousins (namely Sweden and Denmark) going the same route, although how accurate this is, can’t be verified. Finland’s gambling landscape has been shaped by a series of legislative frameworks and government policies, with the primary objective of safeguarding public welfare while generating funds for social projects – at least thus far.

Going back a bit further, gambling in Finland was in a bit of a weird spot in the late 20th century, with the establishment of three main organisations trying to take up responsibility for the gambling market.

So which organisations are we talking about here? Well, RAY, aka The Slot Machine Association, Veikkaus (the Finnish National Lottery), and Fintoto Oy in particular- each are responsible for different segments of the gambling market. This structure was designed to monopolise the gambling industry, ensuring that profits were directed towards social and charitable causes, which overall might not seem like a bad idea, if you ask us.

However, in 2017, a significant consolidation took place, merging RAY, Veikkaus, and Fintoto into a single state-owned entity, Veikkaus Oy, to streamline operations overall and enhance the efficiency of gambling revenue allocation – but also naturally to simplify all processes related to gambling. Despite the monopoly though, Finland has faced challenges, including increased online gambling competition and concerns over gambling harm, which could only surface while testing this governing model, naturally.

But what will happen next for the Finnish gambling scene? Let’s talk about it, because there’s a lot to unpack.

The 2026 gambling market reform

As you can imagine, the 2026 Gambling Market Reform in Finland represents a big shift in processes and first and foremost – approach, signalling the end of the state’s long-standing monopoly on gambling. This introduces a new era of regulated competition, in order to stabilise the market, which we think is sorely needed. This reform is not just a change in legislation, however. In its essence, this move is more of a transformative one than initially thought. In our opinion, it was specifically designed to revitalise the Finnish gambling sector, aligning it with modern digital landscapes and international standards, again comparing it to countries like Sweden and Denmark.

Most important in regards to the upcoming 2026 reform is the introduction of a licensing system which will allow foreign and private operators to enter the Finnish market, that much is clear. How much these operators will be subject to stringent regulatory oversight, isn’t exactly clear – but it will most definitely take place in one way or another.

Impact of market opening on Finnish gambling

In 2026, Finland is set to revolutionise the landscape of online gaming by inviting global gambling giants into its domain. This groundbreaking move promises to unleash a torrent of innovation and spirited competition, reshaping the Finnish gaming scene in many profound ways.

Picture this: a gaming environment where your choices are broader and more thrilling than ever before. From cutting-edge slot machines that captivate your senses to live dealer games that transport you to the heart of casino action from the comfort of your home, Finland is on the brink of offering it all. This influx of fresh options is great news for gamers, pushing local gaming firms to up their ante, fostering an environment where innovation is constant.

And there’s more. The arrival of international competition is poised to spark a technological revolution in Finnish gaming. We’re talking major leaps forward, like enjoying your favourite casino games on the go with mobile technology, diving into games with virtual reality, or ensuring safer, transparent bets with blockchain technology. The future looks boundless, and it’s all kicking off with Finland’s bold step to globalise its gaming scene.

Legislative changes and their implications

In 2026, Finland is gearing up for some big changes in its approach to gambling as a whole, and it’s looking like it’ll shake things up for everyone involved. From the folks who love a good bet to the companies providing your favorite games, a lot is to change according to the news out there.

At the heart of it all is the aforementioned plan to let gambling businesses from around the world come in and set up shop, but there’s a catch (why aren’t we surprised). The rules that are being put into place are likely to be very strict indeed – as they should be, in our opinion!

For the gambling enthusiasts in Finland, however, this can be classified as pretty exciting news. Imagine having a lot more choices when it comes to your favourite pastime, choices that don’t just include where to play Book of the Dead next. We would include that plenty of choice can be given, when it comes to the safety net, that’s being put into place by the new ruling.

What does that mean overall? Better protection for players and a definite push for gambling sites to make sure they’re looking out for their users, with things like check-ins to see if you’re, you know – really you, ways to take a break if you need one, and setting limits to keep the excitement from going overboard.

Comparative Analysis: before and after reform

It isn’t all about mixing up the pudding, so to speak, don’t get us wrong. The whole infrastructure of how games are played and how safe it is for Finnish gamers to play at a casino is about to be changed, but that doesn’t mean some core values of the system are thrown overboard.

For years Veikkaus Oy had the gambling market all to itself, which means that all profits naturally went into important socio-cultural things like social programs, health and the arts for example. It’s been a fantastic way to bolster the funds of these noble causes, but not as great for the online casino players, which weren’t exactly left spoiled for choice.

With the switch to the new market however, a lot of new companies can throw their hats in the ring and we’re therefore looking at a future, where gambling in Finland is about to get a whole lot more colourful and diverse.

The shift itself isn’t just about giving online casino gamers more choice, however. It’s also going to make the whole industry step up its game when it comes to looking after their own player base. With more companies in the mix (and competition arguably creating opportunity), the push for more safe, fair and responsible gaming will be palpable.

So, as Finland heads towards 2026, the before/after comparison will be very noticeable. All of this is to create a world of betting that’s as safe and responsible as can be, while still retaining its light-hearted and devil-may-care attitude we all know and love.

Prospects for international casinos in Finland

The big moment for the Finnish gambling scene is nearly upon us, with a little less than two years for the whole shabang to hit the shelves, so to speak. But what can international casinos actually expect in return for entering the previously untapped market of Finland?

A country known for its love of gambling and – most importantly – a country with money to spend on it, eagerly awaiting new online gaming thrills. In our opinion? This is the golden ticket for international casinos as a whole. They’ve now got the chance to bring their huge portfolio of flashy slots, live dealer and table games to…well, the table, in order to feed the hungry Fins.

There is a catch, however. It’s definitely not going to be a walk in the park and international casinos have to make sure to strictly adhere to the regulations Finland will deem necessary in order to protect their players.

Additionally, while competition might be good for the player and the amount of choice they will be given in what to play, online casino providers will have to bring their A-game when it comes to this aspect, since this competition will open up a battlefield amongst the providers, with everyone trying to outshine the competition in some way or another.

So in conclusion, yes, 2026 is a great opportunity for players, the casinos, marketing partners like and the Finnish government – but it’s also a challenge to be conquered, as every online casino is going to be vying for the much-coveted attention of the Finnish player base.

Consumer protection and responsible gambling

You can probably guess by now, that player safety and responsible gaming are at the forefront of this new legislation in Finland – and you’re absolutely right. Looking after the players is the essence of this new market change and casinos wanting to enter the Finnish market are best to keep that in mind.

At the heart of it all, Finland is laying down the ground rules to make sure everyone trying to enter their field is playing nice. Whether it’s local casinos or some international big shots coming in to take the cake, they have to promise to keep an eye on their places, or consequences will come into effect, of that we’re sure.

So the move away from the previously held monopoly isn’t just about opening the market for the sake of it, or even for variety; it’s about making sure that the gambling scene grows, but with a conscience. In our opinion, this is a bold move, as it shows Finland really is on a mission to show that you can have your cake and eat it too. If this actually pans out the way the Fins hope, well – who knows which other countries are going to look at this Finnish guinea pig in bewilderment, but wanting to emulate their success? One can only hope.


There you have it folks, a comprehensive overview of the upcoming changes in the Finnish gambling market in 2026. This big leap forward is going to revitalise and homogenise gambling and casino endeavours in Finland, with safety and responsible gaming at the forefront of thought.

This legislation seems to be carefully thought-out and plans to spice up the gambling scene with fresh, innovative choices, drive economic benefits and most importantly, keep a tight grip on making sure everyone’s playing safe and fair.

The change is all set to give Finland’s gambling landscape a whole new look by welcoming big dogs from around the world into their previously shut-tight community. As Finland steps through this door, it’s not just making waves at home; it’s setting an example for how to strike that perfect balance between letting the gambling market fly free and making sure the players who enjoy said freedom are well looked after in terms of safety.

Personally, we’re eagerly awaiting how all of this plays out. It’s a bold move, fore sure, but one that promises to bring a lot of good to the table, shining a light on how to do gambling right in the modern, fast-paced world of casino entertainment.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions

Q: What changes will the 2026 gambling reform bring to Finland’s market?

A: The reform will end the state monopoly, allowing international operators to enter the market under strict regulatory oversight and responsible gambling measures.

Q: How will the entry of foreign casinos impact Finnish players?

A: Finnish players will gain access to a wider variety of gambling options, enhanced services, and innovative gaming technologies, all under enhanced consumer protection.

Q: What are the main goals of Finland’s gambling market reform?

A: The reform aims to increase competition, improve consumer choice, ensure player safety, and promote responsible gambling within a regulated framework.

Q: Will there be new regulations for online gambling in Finland?

A: Yes, the reform includes new licensing and regulatory measures specifically designed for online gambling operators, emphasising player protection and responsible gaming practices.

Q: How can players ensure they are gambling responsibly in the new market?

A: Players should utilise tools and limits provided by operators for self-regulation, and seek support from designated problem gambling resources when necessary.


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