Tackling Loneliness: Celebrities back UK Government campaign

UK Government tackles loneliness

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In an impressive show of unity, celebrities and influencers have come together with the UK Government to spotlight the often-overlooked issue of loneliness among the youth.

On Wednesday, February 28, at 10 Downing Street, Loneliness Minister Stuart Andrew convened a meeting to discuss this poignant issue, bringing together renowned figures from various media sectors including former Made in Chelsea personality Josh Patterson and entrepreneur Brontë King.

High-profile support for a vital cause

The campaign, aiming to dispel the stigma surrounding loneliness, particularly in young individuals, has garnered significant backing. Television personalities such as Eastenders’ Bobby Brazier and Love Island’s Tasha Ghouri are championing this initiative.

They, along with others, are dedicated to making feelings of isolation a normal topic of conversation.

Research indicates that those aged 16 to 24 are the loneliest age group yet are least likely to seek help. Nearly half of students admit they have hidden their feelings of loneliness for fear of being judged.

Digital campaign to open dialogue

The government’s innovative campaign will unfold over six weeks, featuring videos on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. These clips, under the banner ‘Loneliness. It’s a part of life. Let’s talk about it’, aim to foster discussions and lessen the stigma.

‘We know that young people are the age group most affected by loneliness but they’re also the least likely to take action to support themselves.

‘Our latest campaign will encourage young people to talk about their experiences, aiming to break down the stigma that so often prevents people from getting support.

‘Everyone should know they are not alone and help is available,’ Minister Stuart Andrew remarked.

Personal reflections

The celebrities involved shared their personal struggles and insights on overcoming loneliness. Their suggestions included engaging in hobbies, joining clubs, or simply having a chat over tea.

‘Everyone feels lonely at points throughout their life because modern life can be very isolating. That’s why being part of this campaign is so important to me, to show that it’s okay and encouraged to talk about our feelings,’ stated actor and model Bobby Brazier.

Actor Bradley Riches commented: ‘This campaign is extremely important to me because, as an autistic and queer individual, I have found myself extremely lonely at points throughout my life.

‘I think when people think of loneliness, they often think of older people, yet no one really talks about young people feeling lonely.

‘This campaign is helping to create a space for people to get support and break down the stigma, because in life everyone will feel lonely at some point,’ he concluded.

Media personality Tasha Ghouri added: ‘I’m proud to be a part of the loneliness campaign from the deaf representation side. It’s important to speak out whenever we feel lonely and normalise having these open conversations as it will help so many more people out there!

From my own personal experiences being deaf and wearing a cochlear implant, it can be isolating at times and I had to look for support to guide me through, opening up and talking about how you feel does so much more good than letting it in,’

The campaign points to the Better Health: Every Mind Matters loneliness webpage for further support and advice, while Discord will host polls to engage its community in supportive discussions on loneliness.

This concerted effort since 2018 has reached at least 25 million people across the UK, with over £80 million invested in combating loneliness, affirming the national commitment to fostering a more connected society.

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