Vandalised: Blackpool’s LGBTQ+ zebra crossing

LGBTQ+ crossing in Blackpool

Blackpool's rainbow crossing. Credit:

In Blackpool, a rainbow-adorned zebra crossing, in recognition of the LGBTQ+ community, was vandalised just a day after it was unveiled.

Vandals used spray paint on the colourful crossing which occurred around 9:00 pm on Wednesday, March 20 in Dickson Road, close to the intersection with Banks Street.

This came merely a day after the crossing had been revitalised with vibrant hues to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community’s inclusivity.

Community effort marred by vandalism

A series of zebra crossings have been receiving colourful makeovers as part of the town’s initiative to create a ‘Be Who You Want To Be’ zone.

These crossings embody the Progress Pride flag’s colours, symbolising a strong message of inclusion. Following the incident, Blackpool Council has engaged Lancashire Police, and a CCTV review is in progress.

A pledge for inclusivity and diversity

Blackpool Council had previously championed the idea on their website: ‘Dickson Road has seen a colourful transformation overnight, with two zebra crossings upgraded to include a multi-coloured rainbow design graphic underneath the traditional white stripes.’

‘The colours in the crossings are those of the Progress Pride flag, which celebrates inclusivity for the LGBTQ+ community.

They added: ‘Contractors Uniplay worked through the night to bring the new thermoplastic graphics to life, brightening up the area in a show of solidarity for a long established LGBTQ+ community and history in the area.’

Online controversy

Even before the crossing were defaced public opinion was divided. Jean wrote: ‘Pity potholes on roads are not fixed instead of wasting tax payers money on this.’ Linzi commented: ‘Stop wasting tax payers money on these pointless virtue signalling exercises.’

Callum posted: ‘Does this waste of tax payers money comply with the highway code? I believe zebra crossings are meant to be black and white?’

However, this was diplomatically answered by the Lancashire Police: ‘We personally think it looks great, Callum! Really brightens the day and we hope it brightens yours too.’

Solidarity in the face of negativity

Jane Hugo, a member of Blackpool Council, reflected on the incident, highlighting the sad reality of such negative sentiments but remained optimistic about the overall positive reception.

This vandalism not only signifies a physical defacement but also challenges the town’s strides towards acceptance and safety for all.

Yet, Blackpool’s commitment to its inclusive vision remains unwavering, as the community and council unite to restore and move forward.

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John Ensor

Originally from Doncaster, Yorkshire, John now lives in Galicia, Northern Spain with his wife Nina. He is passionate about news, music, cycling and animals.


    • John Lightfoot

      23 March 2024 • 13:23

      Companies and now councils do not seem to learn, after the Bud, Gillette etc disasters that DEI does not work as it is not inclusive, rather it excludes the majority. Painting pretty stripes around Blackpool when the majority want repaired roads, clean streets etc was always going to fail.

    • CCW60

      23 March 2024 • 14:45

      Do heterosexuals get to paint special heterosexual crosswalks in various places /cities in celebration of heterosexuality?? Why not? What happened to the “you do you and I’ll do me” concept? Don’t try to force your way of life on others and these sorts of things won’t happen. There is a very unnecessary push to normalize and force acceptance of all sexual preferences other than heterosexual. You can’t force others to accept or agree that any particular sexual preference is ‘normal’ by painting rainbow crosswalks. I grew up in a time when gays, lesbians, and bi-sexual people just lived their lives like everyone else. We all got along till the push to FORCE beliefs on everyone.

    • Linda Grainger

      24 March 2024 • 14:35

      This was always going to happen and hopefully continue to happen, the councils cannot do the repairs they are legally bound to carry out but they have time for this utter nonsense. I genuinely hope this crossing is continually damaged. I have no issues with gays or Lesbians. Stop wasting tax payers money on this nonsense and do what you are supposed to do with the tax payers money, provide services, fix the potholes on the roads, forget the pretty colour paint and do your job properly. Idiots.

      • John Smith

        24 March 2024 • 14:47

        Comment edited

    • rab

      24 March 2024 • 19:31

      Should not be allowed, it is contrary to highway code example of a pedestrian crossing.

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