Wife found guilty of attempted murder

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – Like lovers holding hands they left the birthday celebration party.

Vicky Soteriou kissed her husband, Chris, as he reached for the keys to their car. Suddenly a figure stepped out of the shadows and stabbed him seven times before cutting his throat.

Now glamourous Vicky has been found guilty of trying to have her 44-year-old husband killed by her lover.

With life threatening injuries Chris survived the attack, “it had been a wonderful day, Vicky made a fuss with a lovely card that read to my darling husband, wishing you all the very best and everything you wish for, thank you for loving me so much, your wife that adores you XXX.

“Vicky was flirtatious all day, she looked lovely dressed in mauve for the birthday party she threw me, it should have been a day to remember”.

The jury had been told that she was completely infatuated with her lover the thought of killing Chris enhanced their sex life.

Chris Soteriou’s family who were all guests at the birthday party cheered outside court after the judge had found Vicky guilty. She will be sentenced on November 14, Chris final word was it’s a good day, and a good result”.

COLUMBUS, US – The Amish community still live in the past, and now its members are in trouble. A group named The Bergholz Clan are breaking into property in Jefferson and surrounding counties in Ohio, yanking victims out of their property, then using scissors to cut off men’s beards.

Sheriff Fred Abdalla said “hair seems to bare some religious significance, Amish men have beards maybe they have taken exception to non Amish growing them.”

“We have taken the hair back to Jefferson County and shown them to Sam Mullet bishop of the Bergholtz Clan, no charges have been filed although some of the victims have suffered slight injuries, we are still trying to get to the bottom of this strange obsession.”

DELHI, INDIA – “I promised that I would take her to see her mother” said Hira Yadav, as a policeman stopped an angry mob of people that had surrounded him shouting abuse.

A police officer said “when I broke through the crowd I got a shock, Yadev was standing there holding his wife’s head by her hair just her head, and no body.”

Hira aged 30, told the police “he and his wife had an argument, about taking her to see her mother, the fight got worse he grabbed a large knife and cut her head off, then carried her head by the hair through the streets to see her mother as promised”.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Alfred David, 78, has an obsession with penguins.

So much so for the last 43 years since a car accident he has walked with a waddle, and has been given the nickname ‘Mr Penguin’.

Dressed as a penguin he walks the streets of Brussels collecting memorabilia from passersby who greet him with cuddly toys. When he decided to change his name to Alfred Penguin his wife left him.

London, England – Our lungs are under attack, latest research shows. Not the ones we have in our bodies, but our trees.

Exotic diseases such are attacking oaks native to Britain. Trees more than 50 years old are suffering the killer blight, with dark fluid oozing down the trunk and cracks in the bark.

Similar conditions have been found in the Mediterranean oaks in Spain.

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