Another whistleblower silenced

GADDAFI: No one listened.

WHISTLE-blowers in the Soviet Union could be assured of summary execution or a long period in the Gulag. Here in the West dissidents make good their escape, seek sanctuary in foreign embassies, or, like Chelsea Manning face 35-years in a harsh prison.

Prominent critic of Western policy Saddam Hussein was ousted and hanged. Seemingly Syrian President Assad faces brutal death for his rejection of Western demands.  Had the Sovietised unelectable EU political elite taken the advice of the ousted Libyan leader then this self-inflicted refugee calamity would have been avoided.

In March 2011, Gaddafi counselled that without a unified and stable Libya there would be no one to control countless migrants from Africa and the Middle East from fleeing to Europe.  He understood that millions, not thousands would flood Europe should Tripoli fall.

“There are millions who could come to the Mediterranean to cross to France and Italy, and Libya plays a role in security in the Mediterranean,” he told the France 24 television station.  

Gaddafi’s son Saif, once considered the Libyan heir apparent and now on death row awaiting execution, echoed the sentiment in the same interview. “Libya may become the Somalia of North Africa, of the Mediterranean. You will see the pirates in Sicily, in Crete, in Lampedusa. You will see millions of illegal immigrants. The terror will be next door,” he noted.

Another quote, attributed to Gaddafi, paints a vivid picture of what the popular national leader expected to happen: “The Mediterranean will become a sea of chaos.”

Where was mainstream media, supposedly the impartial eyes and ears of their European readers? Perhaps too busy following orders from the politically elite as were their counterparts in the former Soviet Bloc.

No one listened. Instead, the West launched a military intervention to oust Gaddafi. The country is torn apart by rival factions as NATO invaded Iraq, Afghanistan and possibly soon Syria.  It is not a failure of understanding as some claim; it appears to be the base treachery of Europe for which there will doubtless be a high price to pay.

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    • Mario

      07 October 2015 • 09:48

      I’m always pleased to read such kind of news on Euroweeklynews and I wonder why all the newspapers in Europe are saying all the same news about Siria and the Middle east. I understand that Europe has an alliance to respect with USA but it starts to be too much.Mc Cain in USA said about russian strikes that they bombarded opponents of Al Assad which were trained by CIA and I’m still waiting somebody who can say that it is the same situation like it was in Afganistan with the talebans before USA decided that the talebans were bad.Is looking like the terrorists can be good if they are againts russians like Assad is bad if he is against terrorists.

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