Brexit campaign to get huge boost with support from Boris Johnson

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Boris to support the Brexit campaign.

CHARISMATIC politician and Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has finally revealed that he believes the UK should leave the EU when the referendum goes ahead in June.  

The UK’s EU membership referendum is a “once-in-a-lifetime chance to vote for real change”, Boris Johnson has argued as he declared support for an exit on February 21. 

The procrastinating politician has been tight-lipped up until now about his thoughts on the UK´s place in the EU and for many this declaration will come as a huge surprise. The mayor, only weeks ago, told a fellow MPs  that he was not a ´natural outer´ but in a 2000 word article for The Daily Telegraph, he changed his tune urging readers to ´be brave´. 

He wrote: “This is a moment to be brave, to reach out – not to hug the skirts of Nurse in Brussels, and refer all decisions to someone else”. 

Boris´ decision is undoubtedly going to be a huge boost for the Out campaign and will be a big setback for the prime minister, who naturally would have wanted friends and colleagues to back the campaign to stay in the EU. 

There is already speculation that Mr Johnson´s decision, which will win the backing of a number of Tory MPs, is a step in the direction of eventual leadership of the Conservative party. Although Johnson has denied these claims and has said he is acting on behalf of the nation. 

Mr Johnson said: “It is time to seek a new relationship, in which we manage to extricate ourselves from most of the supranational elements”. 

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    • Brian Eagleson

      22 February 2016 • 18:43

      It’s the lies from both sides that bug me. We need the TRUTH so we can make an informed decision. Not lies.

      Two cabinet minsters on the 6 o’clock news – pro “in” man says we’ll lose sharing of intelligence by security services if we leave. Liar! Sharing security intel against terrorists rises way above mere politics. Of course that will continue! Pro “out” man says we have no control over the UK border while in the EU. Liar! The UK is not in the Schengen zone and requires passports for EU entrants and additional visas for non EU entrants. If that’s not control I don’t know what is.

      The Scottish referendum was identical – lies, lies and precious little truth. Déjà vu – all over again!

    • Mike in ESP

      27 February 2016 • 18:21

      I feel for Boris, he wants to support DC and the political party he backs yet he believes the UK has to get control back from the EU, he thinks we should actually be allowed to get a ‘proper’ reformed deal from the EU then stay… I am sure a lot of the UK feel the same as Boris, they are probably as frustrated at the useless deal DC actually made and is trying to sell us along with the agreement that the UK could not have another referendum if the deal is accepted, if true a frightening clause to be expected to agree to for any democratic union!
      Meanwhile people mock Boris for his hesitation and fumbling pinning it on a power grab! It is a shame that other politicians where not like Boris, staying with their beliefs and not with their friends and others for self gain… those that mock him. I look at those people in DC’s Cabinet and have my doubts in some of them and their decision in backing DC’s deal to forward their positions and future in their political party, Teresa May jumps out as one. The EU civil rights laws being a major bone of contention for her and clearly expressed by her in the past, her body language said it for me when I watched her in the commons while DC was making his EU deal speech… I can’t help but feel she has her eye on the top post after Cameron goes and that being more important than anything she might believe in! Well done Boris!

    • Brian Eagleson

      27 February 2016 • 22:27

      2 possible outcomes.
      1. Dave wins. Brits stay in Europe. Dave sacks all the “out” Ministers and stays on as PM until the end of his term. Stands down as promised. Gets knighthood etc. etc. Tories elect Boris as new leader.
      2. Boris wins. Brits quit Europe. Dave resigns. Gets knighthood etc. etc. Tories elect Boris as new leader.

      Win, win for both. Doncha just lurve politicians? They’re so self-sacrificing.

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