SPAIN NEWS- Spain National Team Coaches Only Fell Out Over Spainish Football Tactics Not Personal Reasons

Spain’s sacked national football team coach Roberta Moreno and replacement coach Luis Enrique differences it’s been revealed were simply down to different opinions of how to manage Spain’s national side and not personal reasons which had been speculated.

Spain CoachesPeviously Working Together

Moreno was sacked by the Spanish Football Federation after a 5-0 victory over Romania and Luis Enrique replaced him as the head coach of the Spanish National team.

The long established Spanish football coach has denied that his relationship with the former Barcelona football mastermind is poor and has highlighted his frustration over the way the RFEF handled the complete situation.

Apparently according to close sources to the Euro Weekly News the two coaches were poles apart on on Spain’s team selections and how the tactics for the game were applied. Also they disagreed on pre match raining methods and the fall out has nothing to do with the death of Enrique’s daughter a suggested in many of Spain’s sports reports.

Previously Moreno had said “When asked what had happened with Luis Enrique for the relationship break down, “You’d need to ask Luis Enrique. I think the best thing for all sides is that it remains between us. If the other wants to talk, let them talk. I don’t have anything to say because I don’t think it would be good for anybody.”