News:Here Are The 10 Surprising and Preventable Reasons Why People Give Up Their Pets

Dog and cat owners really never know what they are coming home to..

The Surprising and Preventable Reasons Why People Give Up Their Pets

Seventy-six per cent of the dog and cat owners studied say they felt stressed when returning home because of their pet’s past destruction. Household messes are the number one reason pet owners have considered giving their four-legged pal away, according to new research. They may well be one of the family, but what happens when our little furry companions are incredibly mischievous? A poll of 2,000 cat and dog owners revealed 42 percent have thought about giving away their pet as a result of their messy antics. It was found in a recent survey that Seven in 10 have had their pets ruin furniture in their home. In fact, 56 percent of those studied revealed they’ve come home to a destroyed item of clothing while further 52 percent have been welcomed home to find a totally destroyed couch!

The study, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Fuzzy Pet Health, examined the experiences of dog and cat owners and uncovered that 44 percent have come home to their pet tearing up the toilet paper in the bathroom.

But that’s not all: Nearly half (48 percent) have had their four-legged friends get into the rubbish bin and leave a massive mess for them to clean up, or had their pets get hold of paper and eat it – adding to the mess. Dog and cat owners really never know what they are coming home to after leaving their furry friends home alone. Forty-three percent have had their pet have an accident in the house or chew through blankets and comforters upon their return home.

Other reasons for considering giving their pets away were Allergies. Two in five owners said that pet allergies had became an issue for someone in the household while a further 39 percent say they didn’t know the animal would need so much attention. That being said, there are a number of things cat and dog owners have done to avoid giving their pet away – even for the 35 percent who think their furry friend suffers from behavioural issues.

Fifty-six percent of those who ever considered giving their pet away became more patient with their pet, while a further 52 percent put in the effort to get a trainer for their four-legged companion. But that’s not all dog and cat owners did to avoid the heartbreak of giving up their pet. Over half (51 percent) of those who have ever considered giving their pet away or up for adoption used supplements to help their pet feel better overall. ‘Aww’

Did you know for instance it is illegal to abandon a cat in the UK and anyone prosecuted for this can face a fine of up to £20,000 and a year in jail? Some people just move house and decide not to take their cat with them and are sometimes ignorant of the Law.


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