BREAKING: Fugitive wanted for the murder of two British policemen is captured in Spain

THE National Police have confirmed that they have arrested a fugitive in Spain who was wanted by the authorities in the UK for the murder of two policemen.

The man had been linked to a series of murders in the UK, including the shooting of a policeman in Glasgow in 2006, followed by the murder of another officer in 2016. He is also connected to an additional six homicides in the UK where he was a member of a violent criminal gang.

An arrest warrant was issued for his arrest by the British authorities, with intelligence provided by the National Crime Agency indicating that he was living in Spain. The National Police state that he moved to Tenerife where he “tried to go unnoticed, leading a completely normal life through adapting to the island.”

The arrest was made possible thanks to a surveillance operation led by the National Police who were able to locate where he was living. Once a positive identification was made, police officers proceeded to arrest him as he made a purchase at a local supermarket today (January 13).

The fugitive is accused of breaking into a police station in Glasgow in 2006 and gunning down an officer in a brazen attack. Ten years later he repeated the same crime on a policeman and in 2018 he set 2 vehicles on fire in a bid to get away from the police.

As Euro weekly News understands, an extradition order is now being processed to transfer the man to the United Kingdom where he will face trial. 

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Isha Sesay