Seismic dawn in Spain as 6 earthquakes are recorded in 30 minutes

THE National Geographic Institute recorded a total of six seismic tremors in Spain’s Canary Islands this morning (January 26).

Those of greater magnitude took place on the island of El Hierro with the first tremor taking place at 05.13 30 kilometres deep. This tremor was followed by three more. The first, of magnitude 2.0, was recorded at 05.20 hours east of Valverde, and the other two, of magnitude 2.5, occurred at 05.32 and 05.45 hours southwest of El Pinar.

El Hierro is the second smallest and farthest south of the Canary Islands with a population of 10,798 inhabitants. The island is home to a volcano and often experiences micro-quakes where almost all seismicity is confined to depths of 9-16 km below the surface.

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Six earthquakes were recorded in Spain’s Canary Islands.
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