Spring has sprung in Spain as temperatures rise to glorious levels across the country

SPAIN is set for a glorious weekend as temperatures are forecasted to reach up to a spectacular 25 degrees Celsius.

Spring will feel like it has officially sprung, or in some cases summer, from Friday until Monday, February 3, with many regions experiencing temperatures 10 degrees higher than the monthly average.

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) forecasts that parts of Cantabria and Andalucia will bask in sunny skies with temperatures rising well into their 20s, which has been described by spokesman Ruben del Campo as an “episode of abnormally high temperatures.”

Friday into Saturday will be particularly warm, with the daytime atmosphere feeling especially pleasant on the Costa del Sol, in Costa Blanca, Catalonia, Cantabria, Southern Aragon, Castilla- La Mancha, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and even the Pyrenees. The ‘heatwave’ will continue through to Sunday into Monday with regions seeing temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above what was experiences last year.

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Temperatures are set to be extremely pleasant in Spain up to Monday, February 3. Credit: Aemet.

Aemet warn that the episode will be “very intense and extensive“, but also “very early” as the record for February temperatures are usually broken in the last 10 days of the month as winter is left behind and spring is on the horizon.

Monthly records will however be exceeded this weekend in regions such as Gijón, who will see 25ºC; Teruel with 23ºC; and Ávila with 20º – the latter who only usually see these temperatures in mid-May. The temperature in Logroño will be more moderate but especially pleasant, where 21ºC is expected.

Many cities will see high above 20ºC such as Murcia with 25 ºC, Bilbao with 24 ºC, Córdoba and Málaga with 23 ºC, Badajoz with 22 ºC, Barcelona and Alicante with 21 ºC and A Coruña with 20 ºC.

However, it is strongly advised to enjoy the weather to its full extend, as there will be a sharp drop in temperatures from Tuesday and into the week for many regions in the country. In some cases, temperatures will plummet to 13ºC, felt more in the eastern peninsular. For example, in Teruel, where on Monday they will see 23ºC, on Wednesday a maximum temperature of 7ºC is expected.

This warm episode is caused by a combination of three factors: an anticyclone, a mass of warm air and winds from the south. Del Campo explained that there is currently a powerful anticyclone cantered in North Africa and that Spain will reap the rewards from it, leaving clear skies and sunny spells. He said: “This mass of subtropical warm air is going to completely immerse the Peninsula, reaching the Cantabrian communities, hence why the highest values ​​will occur in the northern third.”

He reaffirmed that by Tuesday another anticyclone located in the Atlantic will push forward and will send winds from the north to the Peninsula, resulting in low temperatures, night frosts, rain and even snowfall at relatively low levels.

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