Perverted father in Spain’s Andalucia repeatedly raped daughter from the age of five

A COURT in Spain has sentenced a man to fifteen years in jail after he was found guilty of repeatedly raping his daughter from the age of five.

As reported by the Superior Court of Justice in Andalucia (TSJA), the father had separated from the child’s mother in 2010, where it was agreed that the young girl could spend some weekends and afternoons with her dad who lived in Seville.

However, the man would often be in a libidinous mood and took advantage of the fact that they were alone in the house and slept in the same bed. On a number of occasions he would touch the child, who was at the time five-years-old, on her genital area, chest and in between her buttocks, before he penetrated her.

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The man was sentenced to 15 years at the Superior Court of Justice in Andalucia. Credit: TSJA.

In 2014, the defendant moved to Palma del Río in Córdoba to work on a farm where his daughter was invited to spend two months with him over the summer which he used to launch sexual assaults on the child for the entire duration. The prosecution explained to the Court that the young girl had begged her father to stop his attacks during this visit, but that he threatened to kill her if she said anything to her mother.

In the summer of 2015, when the victim was 9-years-old, she was taken to a swimming pool in La Rinconada where they met a woman who was invited back to the father’s home. It is understood that the woman saw the man touching his daughter in an intimate manner, but only came forward years after the case was made public.

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The young girl was sexually abused after her father took her to a swimming pool in La Rinconada. Credit: Booking.

The prosecution stated that the father not only sexually assaulted his child, but also beat her and cut her hair as a punishment for not obeying his demands. They also revealed that the man would rape the child when he had consumed large amounts of alcohol.

The shocking case of abuse was brought to light when the child’s mother discovered a letter written by her daughter that revealed that she was in love with her step-brother. Upon being questioned, the child confessed that she was in fact talking about her father and that he had sexually abused her repeatedly.

The child was immediately taken to hospital with the police being notified of the crime, and as Euro Weekly News understands, the father was located and detained a short time later.

The Judge determined the child’s testimony to be truthful as she gave “precise details that did not seem easy to invent” and that the victim “was able to give consistent information on the location and dates of when she was abused.”

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Isha Sesay