The University of Valencia will open an extension of the Science Park in Gandía, Costa Blanca

Credit: Shutterstock

The businessmen of La Safor visited the Science Park of the University of Valencia last week accompanied by the mayor of Gandía, Diana Morant, and the Councillor for Education of the City of Gandía, Carmen Fuster. The purpose of this visit was to share impressions with the management of the University and the entrepreneurs of the Science Park about the common interests between the knowledge industry and the business sector, since they intend to establish different lines of cooperation aimed at improving the Valencian production sector.
Mestre recalled that the University of Valencia “was created more than five centuries ago to improve Valencian society” and announced that the University and the Town Hall of Gandía have agreed to open a headquarters of the Science Park in the city of Gandía. The University already has an International Centre in Gandía, and will now expand its presence with a new headquarters of the PCUV in the capital of La Safor.
On the other hand, Morant expressed her satisfaction with the agreement and the commitment to the development of the new headquarters of the Science Park in Gandía. “For us, it is an opportunity that we will know how to take advantage of to grow. Companies are fully aware that the future is about innovation, knowledge, and that to make it happen it is essential to feed on the University. This announcement represents the beginning of a revolution in business and social matters in our region. ”
During the meeting there was also talk about the location of the new headquarters in the Tossal building of Gandía, as well as other future lines of collaboration, such as the possible implementation of degrees oriented to the peculiarities of the productive environment of the region.