George Clooney Wants To Buy Spanish Football Club Malaga CF Although Fans In Spain Are Not Impressed

A business group with links to George Clooney wants to buy Spanish Málaga CF and turn the football club into a reality show but fans in Spain are not impressed.

Pete Webb an avid Malaga fan told the Euro Weekly News ” What a joke it’s a football club not bloody Hollywood”

Small Shareholders Association (APA) president Antonio Aguilera has confirmed that current owner Shejk Abdullah Al-Thani is in negotiations to sell his stake in the club to a group of Hollywood producers associated with the actor.

They hope to start a 24-hour film production around the club, much similar to the storyline in the movie “The Truman Show”.

In the 1998 movie, Jim Carrey plays the character Truman Burbank who, unknowingly, lives his life in a documentary. Every moment Truman experiences is captured by cameras 24/7 and broadcast to the world in an ever-ongoing reality show. Hopefully, the Málaga FC team will be aware of the cameras in this future reality show though…

Negotiations are ongoing, at the moment.

Antonio Aguilera says, “There is a powerful production company here in Málaga, they want to turn Málaga into the ‘European Hollywood’ and they are filming series here on the south coast for Amazon and are already negotiating with the club. However, they do not want to pay the crazy sum Al-Thani is asking for. A fortnight ago, he was asking 100 million euros for Málaga. What they are prepared to offer is much more than the amount he paid for the club (36 million euros) and talks are ongoing. On Friday, they called the Americans to say they were willing to negotiate”.

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