Toothbrush And Poo Revenge As Victim Doesn’t Discover For 5 Days

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So in some rather wild scenes from Australia, a Married At First Sight contestant has used his new wife’s toothbrush to clean actual poo from the toilet because she kissed another contestant on the Australian hit TV show.

David Cannon took revenge when he caught wind of his new ‘wife’ Hayley Vernon kissing another groom, Michael Goonan, on the wild reality show.

Michael is ‘married’ to Stacey Hampton.

Anyway, in the act act of revenge, instead of calmly talking about this like a normal person,  David took Hayley’s toothbrush and proceeded to clean some poo from the porcelain that the toilet’s flush had not flushed away.

In leaked footage, he then gave the brush a quick swirl under the water before placing back in the toothbrush holder and she didn’t find out for 5 days despite brushing her teeth for 5 days!

He said: ‘She would go to the toilet without cleaning up after herself. Not very lady like. I wasn’t a fan of the … what she would leave on the toilet bowl, so that’s when I grabbed the toothbrush and scrubbed the toilet with it.

‘She used it for five days. It’s her own poo, it’s her own bacteria in her own body so it’s not going to hurt her.’ David said.

In happier times