41 Arrested in Huge Drug Raid in Spain’s Andalucía – 5,176 kg of Drugs Worth Millions of Euros Confiscated

In a drug raid this weekend the Guardia Civil arrested 41 people and confiscated 5,176 kilograms of hashish in Andalucía. The huge amount of drugs is estimated to be worth millions of euros.

A criminal gang led by two residents of Tarifa, a Spanish municipality in the province of Cadiz, Andalucía, has been suspected of bringing huge amounts of hashish into Spain through the port of Tarifa for over a year, according to the Guardia Civil.

In the investigation that started late in 2018, the police discovered that the gang could be bringing the drugs into the country through the port of Tarifa by using vehicles with hidden compartments from Tangier in Morocco. The investigation also showed that the criminals could be using semi-rigid boats with strong engines, recreational boats and even jet skis to smuggle the hashish into Spain on the beaches of Bolonia in Cadiz. 

The smuggling network, as they found out, was divided into three groups. One group carried out the work at sea, bringing the drugs to the beaches or through the port. Two groups on land, led by the gang leaders, drove vehicles that transported the drug away from the beaches. In addition, they had outside people that they used as frontmen for the purchase of boats, while hashish was sold on the streets or to other gangs.

Apart from the 41 arrested gang members and the over 5,000 kilos of confiscated drugs, another nine people were detained suspected to be involved in these criminal activities as well.

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Henric Sundlof