Why Is It So Easy to Kill the Coronavirus?

The coronavirus is spreading around the world at a rapid pace. With over 90,000 confirmed cases in 62 countries around the world and more than 3,100 reported deaths, this epidemic continues to thrive.

The good news is that it’s easy to kill the virus if you get in contact with it, as long as it hasn’t gotten inside your body. Hand sanitizer, soap and other fat-solvents work excellently in killing the virus. The reason for this is that the virus has an envelope made out of fat. This fat envelope gets deactivated by these fat-solvent products, killing the virus completely.

If you use alcohol such as hand sanitizers it is important that the product contains at least 60 percent alcohol. However, many experts recommend soap and water.

Niklas Arnberg, a professor in virology, explains: “You need to wash your hands thoroughly and use plenty of soap. Hand sanitizer works as well. It deactivates the virus really quickly, within a few minutes”.

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Henric Sundlof