Two Spanish Guardia Civil Officers from Madrid who continually shouted abuse at each on duty get Suspended without Pay

Two “Starsky and Hutch” style Spanish Police officers have been suspended from duties without pay after almost ending up fighting in the street over disagreements in carrying out their work.

It all started one sunny day in Segovia Madrid when a 30 years old man was arrested over a minor offence and needed to be taken into the police station, simple…

It was 1.30 pm in the afternoon and their shift would be over in 30 minutes, this is the first of many altercations the “couple” had.

Luis, the younger officer who had just been transferred from Torrevieja ( Alicante ), wanted to go home after realising the paperwork involved over the detainee’s arrest would make them do overtime. The more experienced officer, Jacinto, demanded they take the individual to the station.

This is when a tirade of abuse was handed out to the older officer, things like “your problem is you have been on your farm for 30 years looking after cows and sheep, you veterans, you think you know everything, ill be late to pick up the kids now due to you”!

Jacinto wasn’t taking this lightly and re-affirmed his position as leader of the duo…

“You have been here for four days and you think you know everything, but you are just an arrogant and a subnormal,” he said.

“I do what comes out of my b*lls, I’ve been here for 30 years and a little boy who thinks he knows everything because he comes from Torrevieja is not going to teach me anything,” he snapped to his partner, who reacted with a smile. ” What are you laughing at, are you subnormal? ”

“Pu*o niñ*to, go back to Torrevieja,” he shouted before reminding him that they would both end their shift late because of him and called him a “clown.”

After the verbal confrontation, they arrested the alleged offender and returned to the station, where Jacinto did not hesitate to report what happened.

Jacinto went to his superior – a sergeant who served as commander – and told his version of what happened. Specifically, he indicated that his subordinate had disrespected him. The sergeant, seeing that it was a problem that could be resolved later, ordered the duo to end the detention proceedings and summoned them for another time. The underlying problem between them, obviously, was still there.

On July 12 of the same year, Jacinto and Luis had to be a duo again, although this time their shift began at 2 pm and ended at 10 pm.

How could it be any different?- both resumed the relationship exactly where they had left off the previous June.

Luis reprimanded his boss for the “chulesca” attitude he had had two weeks ago and accused him of having a limited professional knowledge. “You have been in the Civil Guard for 30 years and you have no idea,” he said. ” you will not stop me from using my cell phone,” the young officer added.

It all started again weeks later on a very hot July afternoon when the younger cop, Luis decided to mess around with the air in the police car, know this would aggravate the old officer. Passers-by could not believe their ears as they witnessed two”officers of the law” tear a thread of each other and were seconds away from fighting when the radio in the patrol car rang and they had to answer it.

That was it, Jacinto, the older officer stormed into the station of chief colonel of Castilla y León and denounced his partner to the commander who immediately suspended them both from their duties and salary for being involved in “a serious quarrel or altercation between partners “.

As we understand, the two officers work separately now after the “divorce” and both lost six days’ pay of the incidents.



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Written by

Tony Winterburn

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