Police helicopters & drones flying above the streets of the Costa del Sol as police report good behaviour

Police on the Costa del Sol report “good behaviour” as they have deployed helicopters and drones to inspect the streets.

The police as we the Euro Weekly News reported last night have turned to the air to ensure lockdown regulations are enforced with helicopters and drones airborne.
Helicopters are currently above Fuengirola circling ensuring that full regulations are being adhered to and it’s quite surreal to witness drones flying down the front of Fuengirola.

Flying Low Over Fuengirola

Regular patrol vans from both the local police and National police are constantly monitoring the situation and one officer spoke to me whilst I took my dog out following the guidelines.
He said ” Yes, it’s a far better situation than yesterday, people are now taking this very seriously and behaving in a far better orderly manner, there was some confusions yesterday as the message was relayed and it took a while to sink in, we expected that, but today we can call it good behaviour”
The patrols will remain constant across the Costa del Sol and of course everyone is urged to follow the guidelines set for the lockdown.