Let’s show by example

Oddly – or perhaps predictably, any subject I selected to write about this week paled in comparison to the horrendous Corona situation facing us at this time.

Consequently I decided to take this opportunity to wish you all strength, luck and a healthy conclusion to this unprecedented threat to our existence.

I would also like to add that when the emergency passes, as it surely will, the Chinese authorities will have a great deal of questions to answer.

Irrespective of exactly how it came into existence, this virus has most certainly originated in China and the world deserves some explanation and possibly huge amounts of compensation from a country that has, by one way or another, become one of the wealthiest on the planet.

Just briefly I would also like to address the columnist from the Hong Kong newspaper who recently accused me of racism toward the Chinese.

In the Western World we still believe in freedom of speech. Thanks to the fact that I write for a publication that also follows these ideals, I am able to voice my opinions without fear of ‘disappearing’ as so many that live in the country you work from actually have, ok?

In the UK the present situation is being compared to the emergency circumstances we found ourselves in during the Second World War.

Unfortunately, by the reports coming in, the indigenous population has been infiltrated and is nothing like it was in those dangerous times.

Back then the citizens of the UK looked out for each other. People stood shoulder to shoulder and assisted those more vulnerable.

The disgraceful images of screaming individuals shoving others, including the elderly, out of the way and grabbing goods off the shelves like marauding animals is I’m afraid merely a reflection on how British culture and values have been dragged down over the last generation or so.

If I am able to build a mansion in a town of cardboard houses, I don’t invite all those inhabitants to come and live with me. If they have made no contribution in the creation of my existence they will have no pride, respect or even understanding of my home and will ultimately tear it down.

Digressing slightly it has just been announced that all those over 70 years of age may be restricted to their homes for up to four months! This could apply both in Spain and the UK.

I can only say that if this does occur the decent and caring members of society must do all they can to aid and assist those who are in need and unable to help themselves. Let’s just show by example that the despicable actions of many who have been given succour in Western communities are a primitive disgrace and in no way acceptable in any civilised and caring society.

Don’t forget. The ol’ boy is on air Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 1am to 3am Spanish time. Just click on EXPATRADIO.UK. Give a listen to Leapy’s ‘alter ego!’

Keep the faith
Love Leapy
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