London’s Metropolitan Police Slamming ‘Fake News’ Covid-19 Claims of Imminent Capital Disinfection

POLICE in London have warned about a fake social media message doing the rounds which suggests that the UK capital is going to be sprayed with disinfectant and chemicals.

In a Twitter message, the police flagged up the posting which it said was being circulated on WhatsApp with a number of false claims.

An image was designed to look like a legitimate police announcement, and claimed that the British government was activating a ‘Code Red Lockdown.’

“We insist you stay at your residence and only leave the premises for vital emergencies,” the message warned.

It wrongly suggested that people could face four weeks in prison if they were stopped by the police for the breaking of social distancing rules.

The bogus proclamation said that the police will be “spraying the city of London with disinfectant and chemicals to help reduce the spread” of the coronavirus, which will “take a total of 30 minutes to finish.”

Police in north London, tweeted: “We are aware that the attached has been circulating on WhatsApp groups and social media.”

“This is clear misinformation and NOT a genuine Metropolitan Police Service statement.”

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Alex Trelinski