Expats in Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca watching in shock and horror from a distance at the behaviour in the UK

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Expats in Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca have been watching in shock and horror from a distance at the behaviour in the UK. 

UK death figures have been rising rapidly catching up with Spain, and expat residents in Spain have been left mortified after seeing people in the UK flout the lockdown rules.

Spain see’s strict lockdown compared to the UK, as residents in Britain are allowed one hour exercise a day, and can pop to the supermarket whenever they feel like as long as they are getting essentials.

However expats in Spain were left mortified after seeing people flooding London Bridge on Thursday night for the 8pm clap to honour the NHS. The bridge was flooded with by- passers, police officers and ambulance crews. Ignoring the ‘strict’ two metre distance rule put in place to protect people during coronavirus.

One person Mike Williams wrote from Alicante on their social media: “What are they doing? Clapping for the NHS but no one is social distancing? Police joining in, yet around the country they’re giving out fines for sitting on a park bench? Madness.”

Another, Julian Howells wrote: “Look it’s just typical ignorance, stupid, irresponsible, the government need to get a grip on this before it’s too little too late.”

Whilst Michael Morris was appalled as he told the Euro Weekly News from his Valencia home: I just don’t get it, I really don’t, they have all seen our death figures here and they behave in such a way, it’s like playing Russian roulette and what gets me is the police just stand there and watch, can you imagine that here? Of course it would never happen, they would be carted off in a police car.”

Many expats are totally horrified how the UK is handling matters compared to what they have experienced and it’s left some fearing for their families at home.

Lizzy Hockin originally from Bideford but now living in Benidorm explained her family fears:

“I worry about my Daughter and my grandchildren, they are doing it properly, but what hope is there if all these people are carrying on as they are, each day I watch the news and see the UK numbers spiralling, it’s clear to me they will rise above Spain’s death numbers as this plays out, they have to do something about this and NOW,” she shouted.


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