Cardiff Businessman Celebrates Hard Lockdown Release On Spain’s Mallorca Whilst Desperate To See Stranded Daughter

Cardiff’s Businessman Annis Abraham JR celebrates hard lockdown release and looks forward to seeing his eldest daughter who’s stranded in the UK but now sees light at the end of the tunnel.

CARDIFF millionaire businessman, Annis Abraham JR, a property developer and author and former night club owner, took residence in Spain’s Mallorca a couple of years ago, whilst still travelling back to Cardiff to operate his businesses, watch his beloved Cardiff City and visit his eldest daughter Annaise who is studying for a law degree in Bristol University.

Although his travelling back and forth to Cardiff got suspended when Spain’s governed Mallorca ordered a hard lockdown on the island- that has lasted eight weeks under a far tougher regime than that seen on the streets of Cardiff.

After being cooped up until last week, behind closed doors, when the family were allowed out for a few hours a day, early in the morning and evening, following very strict guidelines to a carefully laid out timetable, Abraham took to social media to express his delight that more relaxation laws are to follow next week.

Annis posted:

💙💙 Now I need Our Daughter Annaise over here 💙💙💖
The post came after the Spanish Minister of Health, Patricia Gómez, said yesterday that the data on the involvement of the coronavirus, as well as the available resources, “guarantee” that the Balearic Islands will pass next Monday to Phase 1 of the de-escalation.
Gómez appeared at a press conference with the spokesman of the Autonomous Committee for the Management of Infectious Diseases, Javier Arranz, to present and assess the latest data on the presence of the virus in the Islands.
In this sense, the councillor has taken stock of the evolution of the pandemic in the last month in the Balearic Islands and has ensured that the reductions in hospital admissions, the increase in discharges and the evolution of infections “guarantee” the passage of the islands to Phase 1 of the de-escalation.
As he explained, while at the end of March the number of infections grew more than 20 per cent every day, in recent days the new positives have not reached 1 per cent daily.
The consellera has detailed that in a month the number of active cases has been reduced by half, 70 per cent of infected people have been cured and hospital admissions and care in ICUs have been reduced by more than 50 per cent.
Likewise, in the last 30 days the number of discharges has tripled.
Abraham has been a staunch supporter of the hard lockdown and has aired his strong opinion on the main Cardiff City Football Club forum that he operates amongst his other interests and busy schedule, often questioning why such principles have not taken place in his home town Cardiff.

Although the businessman and his family in Mallorca, wife Joanne and daughters Alexandra, 14 and Tilly, nine have another plight as they have not seen their other daughter /sister for over eight weeks, despite attempts with both the Spanish and British Embassies to get her home to the family.

Annaise 19, the eldest daughter of the close knit family, is currently studying hard at Bristol University which was the last University to close down in the UK, despite her father’s advice to return to Mallorca before conditions got worse, the dedicated student didn’t wish to miss out on lectures. Flights were then suspended to Mallorca and thus just afterwards the University closed down too, leaving Annaise stranded from her family.

Joanne explained to the Euro Weekly News the dilemma:

“Annis and I wanted Annaise to come home but she’s so dedicated to her degree, she didn’t want to miss out, she remained as the University remained open, as the University closed, right at the same time, the Spanish government put into law that only residents of Mallorca could fly back and repatriate, whilst the four of us are residents holding residency Annaise doesn’t as she is not resident here as she’s mainly based in the UK for her University studies and for that reason she fell foul of the regulations, we appealed to the Embassies, who were very kind and helpful, but due to the tight regulations couldn’t do anything about it. Myself and the girls haven’t seen her now since Christmas, although Annis has due to his business trips back to the UK before the lockdown started, we have been so worried, although she has gone to stay with a friend of ours Rob, who’s been fantastic looking out for her and giving her somewhere to stay.”

Father Annis said “Yes it’s been very stressful but I think Spain got it so right with the lockdown, you only have to look at the difference of the figures between Spain and the UK deaths, I think that says it all really, I can’t wait though to get Annaise home to her family as soon as legally possible.”