Yeovil residents in Somerset drink up the super strong cider to wash away the lockdown blues

Yeovil town has seen a surge in strong cider drinking as residents wash away the lockdown blues.

Residents in the Somerset town of Yeovil have found their own way to wash away and pass the time whilst on lockdown, supping the traditional regions drink but to super strengths not normally seen in public houses.

Some residents have even gone as far as building their own garden bars and broadcasting on Social Media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Adrian Vincent a local resident of Yeovil town in Somerset has named his bar ‘Vincenzo’s Bar.’

Adrian Vincent’s Home Made Bar.

Vincent, the Managing Director of a commercial and domestic cleaning company known as Trade Solutions in Yeovil has often kept bored lock downed people entertained across the world as he broadcasts from his hand made bar, reaching the likes of southern Spain across his Facebook channel, often sat in a hot tub swigging cider if the weather is good.

It appears that the busiest high street stores in Yeovil right now are the specialised stores trading out very strong ciders as customers social distance in lines outside the stores waiting for refills.

Large line waiting to be served.

Some of the very strong ciders go all the way up to 9 per cent in strength and according to one local resident Paul Bobbins it’s been the perfect way to wash away the blues during lockdown as he told the Euro Weekly News, “Stranded at home has been no fun at all, but at least we have our traditional drink to help us through it and yes it’s certainly assisted, I go for the strongest possible on each occasion, I don’t normally drink through the week, but during this lockdown I’ve got through quite a bit if I’m honest, you only live once I guess!” he laughed.

Another resident of Yeovil, who now resides in the outer nearby village of Stoke-Sub-Hamdon Andy ‘Pitbull’ Pitman as he’s known to his friends has been buying in bulk with strengths ranging up to an astonishing 8 per cent as he told the world of Facebook “That’s VE Day sorted” as his latest delivery arrived.

Although ‘Pitbull’ goes one stretch even further and mixes up the flavours often concocting a super strength pint.

Strong mix of Gladiator Cider At 8.4% And Cheddar Valley At 6%.

Pitman who is a regular visitor to the bars of Spain’s Fuengirola, often found in the Old London Bar and other establishments has even been entering competitions and challenges by way of video drinking a pint of the strongest apple based drink ‘in one.’

Pitbull Pitman.

Social media watcher Chris Douglas originally from Yeovil but now living in the Spanish town of La Cala told the Euro Weekly News “Yes I know Pitbull, he’s a bit of a lad, but you don’t often see him these days after 8pm, now I know why, hey good luck to them all at home, it’s the Somerset way that’s all, although I can’t imagine what it would have been like if the lads had to sit out a Spanish lockdown.”


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George Stephens


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