Expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol reflect and say lockdown was a waste of time and money

A650YN British culture on the Costa del Sol bar in Fuengirola Spain. Image shot 02/2007. Exact date unknown.

Expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol are claiming lockdown and the State of Alarm was a waste of time and could have been handled in a far better manner by Spain’s Prime Minister.

After nearly 10 long weeks on lockdown and as residents prepare to enter Phase one, whilst the Spanish prime minister looks to extend a State of Alarm for another month in congress, residents on Spain’s Costa Del Sol are starting to look back on their memoirs and thoughts of what they have been through.

As with anything as dramatic as the recent pandemic of coronavirus, there will always be a mixed bag of opinion, whilst many believe the lockdown was needed to secure their safety, others have different views on the subject and believe it was a waste of time as they expressed their opinions.

One of those residents is Jason Thorne a plasterer on the Costa Del Sol, who told the Euro Weekly News of his sheer frustration:

“I haven’t worked for 10.5 weeks now due to lockdown as the area has been destitute and nobody has required any plastering, everything has been closed due to being shut down, personally I don’t think there was any need, we could have gone out and carried on as normal if we wore masks, yes I agree pubs and restaurants should have been closed because you can eat and drink at home, but the rest of it has been over the top and it’s going to leave the region of the Costa del Sol skint for a long time to come, we are going to regret this.”

Mike Gregg from Torreblanca who is an online car trader said:

“I can understand Madrid and possibly other big cities going into a lockdown period, there’s no argument against there but the Costa Del Sol shouldn’t have, precautions could have been taken to defend against the coronavirus but a total lockdown wasn’t required in my opinion, it’s desolated the region for many months, possibly years to come, I believe we only got totally shut down to stop the likes of Madrid residents travelling out of the heavily contaminated areas and spreading it, what they should have done is spent the resources that have been spent on lockdown in sealing off the big cities only, I think we only got the virus here in the first place due to that fact, it’s clear to me that’s why the establishment totally locked down the Costa del Sol, hey you only have to look at the fact, the beaches got closed first even before the lockdown period. I know a lot of people who don’t agree with me but that’s my belief.”

James Dawn looked at the global picture as he sat on his balcony in La Cala:

“Just over 300,000 died in the world, the world’s a very large place, it’s been clear that people have had it and not even known about it, the majority recovered at home just as you do with a bad bout of flu and it was mainly people with health problems who died, those with health problems could have self isolated and the rest of us could just have taken precautions, come on 300,000 is just the size of one large concert arena say in Rio when a big band plays, it’s been a total over reaction all round and could bust many countries.”

“Media hype” claimed Ronald Davidson from Fuengirola “If it wasn’t for mass hysteria broadcast by the likes of Sky News and the BBC across the world, we wouldn’t be in this position at all, they have made a big song and dance from it in my opinion. This has then forced the governments to go OTT as they have to be seen to counteract for the people.

“Sanchez panicked and got it all wrong here in Spain, he didn’t react quick enough when areas of Madrid first got it and then he overreacted when it was too late, Madrid should have been ring fenced from the off, he sat and dithered and then overreacted by basically shutting down the country, Spain is poor enough as it is, he should have thought about that before ordering what he did – I think he should be sacked, he’s going to bust Spain, the Germans got it right and Scandic countries too.”

Retired lawyer Gareth Emery made his point on social media from his home in Mijas as he said in regards smokers and the current figures:

“Just to put this into some kind of perspective with Covid-19. Eight million people a year die from smoking directly related diseases. That’s every year. One million people die per year from passive smoking. We currently have 308,000 deaths from Coronavirus. Fifty per cent of people who smoke die from it. Worse case scenario about 3 per cent die from Covid-19. Smoking is in mainly low socio economic households which contributes to poverty as families in developing countries sacrifice food to feed this addiction. Yet in many countries there is still covert and overt advertising. It is one of the world’s greatest health epidemics but no one talks about it. Imagine if we advertised to encourage people to get Covid-19. Unimaginable and yet smoking is encouraged in many countries!! It truly is incredible and one of the most addictive drugs in the world. Something really needs to be done. If you smoke please, please give it up. Take this time out to do whatever it takes to give up!!”
Karen Davey formerly from Indianapolis, now living in Marbella also said lockdown had been a waste of time and expressed her fears for the Costa del Sol:
“This region isn’t going to recover for a very, very long time, we are going to see hundreds if not thousands of good businesses fail through no fault of their own or their doing. It’s very sad and quite frankly the government especially Sanchez should have taken a leaf out of Trump’s book, he didn’t shut down America, he just shut quickly the most contaminated parts and thats what Spain should have done. No businesses no taxes, no taxes the country can’t survive. Look at that poor chap reported on yesterday, Jason Godwin, he’s an honest working businessman employing legally a good amount of honest people, for that he’s going to get screwed – it’s just not on, we should not have had a lockdown on the Costa del Sol, there was no reason to at all, how many people do you know who have died from it on the Costa? as Trump said the world figure is actually very low, in America we have a bigger crowd at a motor race than the world death total, let alone Spain.”
So strong views from expats on the Costa del Sol and it’s bound to be a very strong subject for many over the next couple of years as the region sets about recovery.


    • James Thorne

      17 May 2020 • 15:30

      While I have total empathy about the impacts to the economy here in Spain. But before you hold up the USA as the right approach know that they have chosen a path of “choose your own adventure.” There is inadequate testing and contact tracing is totally neglected. The American public doubts the safety of going out so except for the public with guns organized by the Trump campaign, the economy will not heal until they address the virus. Unfortunately, rural communities in the USA are facing increased spread of infection and Trump’s answer is untested drug therapies and injections of household cleaners.There is no social net or national health service for most people so if you need help there you can call for prayer from a radical nationalist evangelical church. They only charge 10 percent of your unemployment payment if you get it. PM Sanchez has taken difficult and unpopular actions but likely has saved countless lives and perhaps the health system in Spain. I hope that business will be saved this year and next year is better but being dead or ruined from covid is a far worse situation.

    • Christopher delaney

      17 May 2020 • 16:01

      Well some people are idiots and nothing anyone can do will change that.

    • David Edmonds

      17 May 2020 • 17:04

      To all the people who want to start getting money from tourist, I would ask what price they would put on a human life.

    • Robin Ancill

      17 May 2020 • 19:05

      The lockdown was done was for a very good reason, if you don’t like it start walking back to the UK. Just like the ex Pats who voted for Brexit their shot away.

    • Mandy Macaulay

      17 May 2020 • 19:27

      It’s all very well saying it’s been a waste of time, but you don’t know how many lives have been saved, despite the high number of deaths there could have been so many more deaths of lock down hadn’t been initiated. Probably we will never know, damned if you do and damned if you don’t unfortunately.

    • Manolo

      17 May 2020 • 19:32

      Ok if it’s that bad we’ll send all British back to UK we don’t need then in Spain 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸

    • Anderson

      17 May 2020 • 19:47

      I have fun reading these news about seeing the straw in your brother’s eye, and not the rafter in your own.

    • John Smith

      18 May 2020 • 01:21

      Costa del sol is one of the places in Andalusia with the most covid-19 infected and deaths. Suddenly everyone is an epidemiologist with a master’s in political science. The government’s measures (late as they were) are a necessity to save human lives and to stop the virus from spreading. Unfortunately, some people value money more than that… What a pity and a disgrace

    • Linda C

      18 May 2020 • 09:53

      I wonder why they didn’t interview epidemiologists and doctors… oh, yeah, because actual science doesn’t interest ignorant people who don’t know what they’re talking about but want someone to agree with them anyway.

    • Leon

      18 May 2020 • 11:15

      We have all felt the lock down, commenting here proves I’m alive, I work at Alicante Airport and was more exposed than many…. Thank you government I’m still alive and kicking… Sure Europe said same things with the black plague, yet we are still here… Easy to say we could have carried on with life wearing masks but here’s the deal, working at the airport and watching people on the streets, well sorry I disagree cause I saw thousands walking around with no gloves no masks and more importantly no care… Lock down was not only good but necessary and personally think lifting it now without vaccine is a mistake….

    • Edith Schwarz

      18 May 2020 • 11:17

      Those expats who speak no Spanish and only watch British TV without paying a fee might consider moving back to the UK. They are taking the jobs from Spaniards after all. And there is no government in the world who has not made the odd mistake, first and foremost UK and US

    • Chris blant

      18 May 2020 • 14:37

      Edith, they are not expats. They are immigrants. And after reading their opinions we don’t want them back in the UK. We have enough covidiots already

    • Ian

      18 May 2020 • 23:13

      Those interviewed are clearly not a representative cross section of UK nationals living here. It is a difficult balance and I am no fan of this government, but the US route and the failure of Boris to do more than advise and recommend measures like wearing masks and social distancing are not the options I would wish to be living with.

    • Alethea Borgman

      30 May 2020 • 14:18

      I would say the split is about risk takers and non-risk takers.

      So, around 50% for lock down and 50% against lock down.

      A little like Brexiteers and Remainers! I have a view which is, I would be interested to see the estimated impact of non-lockdown and lockdown?

      It is impossible to comment without true information and impossible to have a clear view other than to understand your view is based upon little other than the way you are and how you consider “risk”

      Surely, the real “political scientists” have an estimate and comparison?

      The economic impact will be massive.
      The emotional impact to those who have lost loved ones will also be massive.
      It is circumstantial.

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