It should be short, and to the point!

MOBILE PHONE APPS: Some are more useful than others.

I am pleased to say we are now in phase 3 of the lockdown de-escalation and things are getting back to a bit of normality.

I’ve spent I don’t know how many weeks being nagged by the wife, the kids and my friends which is quite acceptable. But now I’ve had enough because my phone now wants to get involved. Siri starts the day asking if I want to know the local weather. I’ve never asked her for that information. My health App tells me that I’m not doing as many steps as I did last week. Oh really? What’s it got to do with you?! I ask my Prime music to play me a song and it then tells me that the version I subscribe to doesn’t have that song.

OK fair enough but then it gives me the rub down by telling me the other more expensive version has 50 million songs I can choose from. It then proceeds to play me a song that it thinks I will like. The truth is I don’t like it. I want the song I asked for and because I’m paranoid I think they do it just to wind me up. My food App tells me I’ve nearly hit my calorie count for the day and I haven’t even finished my breakfast yet! I will have to search and find out how to switch these things off. The problem is you have to opt-out of so many things instead of opting in. So of course with nowhere to go I’ve been watching a lot more TV than usual.

Friends have been recommending series to watch. I do love a bit of TV, but mostly I like movies. I can’t be arsed to watch a TV series that goes on for 12 weeks because if I’ve got 2 or 3 going at the same time I just forget whats going on. So I wait till they finish then binge-watch them which is much better. But what’s happening now is they don’t know when to finish. Some just do one series too many. Killing Eve, for instance, should have quit series 2. My biggest gripe though is that some of these 6 or 8 episoders are just being dragged out and should just be a 2-hour movie and done with. Like my articles-short and to the point!

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Mike Senker

Grumpy Old Man Mike Senker provokes laughter and some groans with his spot on observations of life in the modern age.