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As you read this, thousands of black men, women and children are being slaughtered and enslaved in Nigeria.

Black genocide is still a daily occurrence in many parts of the world and black youngster are being killed on our streets in ever-increasing numbers. All in all, it is an appalling and utterly tragic situation. But why are we seeing no demonstrations concerning these issues? Where are all the marchers and BLM protests? What’s happened to all the black leaders appearing in the media, decrying the situation and urging governments to ‘do something’?

Personally I only discovered most of these facts with research. So can anyone please enlighten me why it is that black lives only appear to really matter when members of the white community are involved? It simply doesn’t make sense; unless there is some ulterior motive afoot! Ah well, only time and tide will answer that question. What is more worrying is the amount of airtime the mainstream media gives to those who support these ‘causes’.

On social media, over the last few weeks, numerous, often extremely articulate members of the black community have appeared, decrying the BLM movement and its methods. Intelligent black and ethnic men and women of all ages have been putting forward strong arguments as to why they actually don’t feel oppressed at all and affirming that all opportunities are therefore both black and white, with many praising the system and the societies that have made them successful. Why don’t we see any of these people on the mainstream? Why aren’t some of them given the same amount of air time that the decriers and dissenters receive?

Well, I’ll tell you why; the left-wing media are the pawns and propaganda outlets of the money men; the true shadowy manipulators of the societies we live in. It is also the reason that large conglomerates, often inexplicably seem to have leftist leanings. This is because left-wing policies- higher benefits, nationalisation etc. encourage people to rely more on the state, which in turn makes the peasants more manageable. Most of the problems that beset the general public stem from money, or the lack of it. But those who control unlimited amounts, and I’m talking billions or even trillions, have a whole different agenda.

The only achievement these mega-rich investors crave is power. Running the world and its citizens becomes their overriding priority. To achieve their ambitions they first need to sever the roots, lower morale and bring chaos, division and hardship to the masses. Well, they are already succeeding in that. And rest assured, there is a great deal more to come. All I can say is heaven help our gullible children. They are the unsuspecting, mostly unpaid, and utterly naïve army of these aspiring ‘New World’ dictators. Sadly, by the time they realise, it will all be too late.

Another Leapy rant? That was the accusation thirty years ago, when I warned about the perils of mass immigration!
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Leapy Lee

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