I’m up to here with it all!

THIS week I truly don’t know where to start. Like most of us, I’m actually up to here with all of it.

 Masks, viruses, black, white, conspiracies,  racism, religion, woke, fake news, kneeling,  left-wing, right-wing, immigrants, BLM, knifings,  shootings, grooming, lockdowns, offending,  demos, diversity, integration, terrorists,  politicians, statues, hatred, lies, hypocrisy and Uncle Tom Cobley et al. What was that about halting the planet and jumping off?

Lead me to it! However, one thing this ol’  boy has never been guilty of is burying his head in the sand. So contrary to last week’s dissenters, I am in fact fully aware that this whole chaotic mishmash could well be an  NWO conspiracy. I actually began to suspect  something of this ilk in the early 60’s  when a good friend of mine, far more astute  than I, often stated that the world was  not run by governments, but in his words,  controlled by the ‘Twelve men of Wall  Street.’

Nothing much has changed since, except that those he referred to are now spread much further afield than a single street in New York! Unfortunately, it appears to me that the whole plot could now be reaching some sort of climax. I fear the conspirator’s next step will be an unprecedented escalation of world violence and bloodshed.

When the dust finally settles, and assuming we are not regaled by the new Messiah,  a brainwashed and weary human race, will welcome with relief the peace and order offered by those who control the NWO, and the predictions of George Orwell and his ilk will ultimately come to pass – Job done.

I did notice this week that places of entertainment and non-essential businesses in the  UK were allowed to reopen again, after being  ‘inexplicably’ closed a fortnight ago (remember my Eid appeasement piece!?). To me however, the event that took the whole tin was the erection in East London of the nine foot statue depicting a young black girl using her mobile phone! So they want to tear down statues of our great statesmen and historical figures and in their place erect someone using a phone! It would be a little more acceptable if she’d have actually invented the device. Some chance!

I also discovered that the widow of  George Floyd, who ‘cried bitterly’ at his funeral,  had not in fact seen him for six years.  During that same period he had apparently also not paid a single penny in child maintenance.  However in a move that just about  sums up the priorities of today’s ‘woke’  brigade, she has actually received over $14  million (yep) in donations from ‘sympathetic  well-wishers.’ No wonder the brothers could afford those new suits they all looked so uncomfortable in during the memorial ceremonies.  What a result they’ve all had. I wonder how much of it has been donated to the charities of people that could truly benefit from it. Not a great deal I’ll be bound.

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Keep the faith 

Love Leapy 



Written by

Leapy Lee

Like Marmite, you either love Leapy or hate him. His controversial views and long-standing column make him one of the Euro Weekly News´ most-read columnists.