SHOCK discovery of secret Covid tracing app

HAVE you had a delve into the settings of your phone over the last few days?

Many of us that aren’t so tech-savvy may not keep an eye on such things, therefore you could be in for a big shock.

This week a Covid-19 sensor has been secretly inserted into every phone.

Don’t believe us? We were as shocked to find out as you are now.

It seems that when phone users suffered disruption to their services earlier this week it wasn’t something simple, but a virus tracker was being added to your handset.

Now for the proof.

If you have an android phone, select ´Settings’ then go to ‘Google settings’ and see if it is there.

If you are an iPhone user, try ‘Settings’, ‘Privacy’ then ‘Health’.

This reporter checked his own phone today and the picture below shows exactly what I found.

Lo and behold.
Credit: EWN

Users may be pleased to know that although it is already on there it is not yet functional.

Like most tracing apps this one can notify you when you have been close to somebody that has reported suffering from Covid-19

If you choose to turn it on you will be tracked wherever you go. If at any point you update your phone you will find that the tracker will automatically have been turned on.

Users can go back in and turn it on and off whenever they want to.

So, what do you think?

That was a little bit sneaky, wasn’t it? However, we are sure that some people will be relieved that they don’t have to look for these tracker apps.

Do you feel that this is an invasion of your privacy?

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Damon Mitchell

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    • Naimah Yianni

      28 August 2020 • 12:56

      This isn´t new, it was mentioned online over a month ago at least. it can´t work unless you have Bluetooth and location switched on. Better still leave your smart phone at home or bin it. We managed for centuries without these things. They are a menace. I dont even take a phone out with me. I´m not up for being traced everywhere I go. People who use this are just adding to the Big Brother Tyranny being imposed on us in the noame of the holy Covid. It´s nothing but a scam

    • Pete Sergio

      28 August 2020 • 14:37

      Guardia Civil trace any phone they want to anyway.!! If you have your phone on you, they know where you are.
      Accurate to withing 0.5m.

    • Graham

      28 August 2020 • 16:05

      This is wrong. In order for this service to be activated you need an official app. These settings are designed to partner an app. It states it within 5he settings.

    • Clive

      28 August 2020 • 17:09

      If you check those settings and click on support it says you have to download the app to use it, so it its not really big brother, it cannot just be turned on if there is no app to support it. This article and the reply above should check facts before scaremongering.

    • Msrion

      28 August 2020 • 17:20

      It has only installed the google service, If you want to use it, YOU must install the app

    • Albert

      29 August 2020 • 06:25

      Old news in a fast moving world. But not entirely accurate. The whole world didn’t have the function added to their smartphones at the same time as the article would lead you to believe. The rollout began early this summer.\, as did articles discussing this issue. But it is good that you are spreading the word as Sanchez declares everyone with a smartphone must install the Spanish tracker app.

    • Laura

      29 August 2020 • 11:58

      Interesting. Like most things this could be used for both good and bad.
      But it only happens behind the scenes when you have auto-update turned on. I don’t and do not have this app on my iphone. I’m guessing when I next manually upgrade my operating system it will be there as it’s probably embeded within the Apple system software?

    • Stephen Noe

      29 August 2020 • 12:53

      While I agree with many comments about being monitored, I am also of the opinion that we need to get a grip on this virus, which at present, does not appear to be the case.
      If this helps to reduce the cases of the virus, reduces hospital admissions and deaths then I am in.

    • Pete

      29 August 2020 • 13:34

      “This reporter” should download the Spanish app – which uses this code, free of charge, from Google.

      The he would see why it is there.

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