Britain expresses sadness as Piers Morgan to blame for Gascoigne’s loss

BRITAIN expresses sadness for Gazza’s loss as ex Britain’s Got Talent judge, Piers Morgan, inadvertently lets thieves know his house is empty.

Good Morning Britain host and avid tweeter, Piers Morgan, has apologised to football legend, Paul Gascoigne. The actions of the TV personality sparked a raid on the footballer’s home by thieves after Morgan shared a selfie which showed Gascoigne was not at his home.

Morgan shared a selfie of the two on a night out to his 7.6 million Twitter followers, inadvertently alerting the group thieves that Gascoigne was not home and his house was unoccupied.

Despite the range of personal items and effects taken during the raid, Gascoigne made a tearful plea to the thieves to return a sentimental item very close to his heart. The watch, which belonged to his late father, was a particularly treasured personal item.

Alongside the watch, Gascoigne lost five watches, two bracelets, three rings, diamond earrings, designer sunglasses, a New York Police Department badge and even two steaks from the footballer’s freezer.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain today, Gascoigne broke down into tears stating, “I was really close to my dad.

“I don’t mind the other stuff, but the sentimental stuff meant a hell of a lot to us. Whoever has got … [the watch] … doesn’t have to own up to it, they could leave it in a bag and leave it somewhere. It’s heart-breaking.”

People are clearly upset for the ex-footballer as Britain expresses sadness for Gascoigne as he was clearly shaken and extremely upset.

During the interview, Pier said, “I’m very sorry Paul, if that has inadvertently put you in this position. Obviously, I never thought about that for a moment, it was great to see you at the recording.”

The, now infamous, selfie was taken during the filming of Piers’ Life Stories with Vinnie Jones last Monday. Its posting to social media alerted the gang of thieves to Gazza’s whereabouts and clearly showed that his home was empty and ripe for the picking.

At the end of the interview, Piers said, “It’s awful, I can’t bring everything back for you yet, but hopefully I can bring it a lot of attention.

“What I can give you are some steaks. I have a dozen steaks here. We won’t send you these, they’ve been out for a bit… But you like fillet steaks, right? I’m going to get you a dozen of the best fillet steaks.

“I won’t cook them for you, that’ll ruin them. At the very least you’ll get your steaks back.”

The steaks won’t make up for the loss of the footballer’s sentimental possessions but at least the TV personality was able to highlight the story and also bring increased attention surrounding the potential dangers of sharing all your personal information and whereabouts on social media.

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