Trump Will Move to Suburbs If Biden Wins

Donald Trump has threatened to move to the suburbs if Joe Biden wins the November election, via several Twitter messages hoping he will make suburban voters fear.

“Your beautiful suburbs will be destroyed forever.”, he claimed after addressing the possibility of leaving the city making suburban civilians picture the terrific reality of having him as a neighbor. 

After that President Trump tweeted: “If you wonder what kind of neighbor I would be, just ask Canada and Mexico.” and then added: “I will treat my front lawn like a driving range. Don’t park your car on the street unless you want your windshield cracked.”

Focused on his intent he continued: “Since I don’t believe in global warming, I won’t be recycling,” and then he threatened: “I’ll just toss my empty Diet Cokes over the fence and into your yard.”

The suburbs are considered a major battleground and involve a range of communities accounting for half of the voters. To have an epic finale, Trump decided to write as a warning: “When I move to the suburbs, I will be taking Don, Jr., and Kimberly Guilfoyle with me. So you can kiss your precious peace and quiet goodbye, suburban suckers and losers.”

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