Beijing’s New Normal!

With the coronavirus statistics changing every day, there is always somewhere changing their “new normal”, whether it be going into lockdown again or working on using phases to regain control of the country, slowly but safely.

The virus has affected China terribly, but recently much of the country have begun relaxing their lockdown, as a chance to return back to a ´normal´ life. We all know this virus has been mostly negative, but there have been a few upsides to some spikes in new cases, which is learning how to deal with everything better.

All of this being said there have been major risks and problems resulting in slackening the lockdown rules. Beijing developed a spike in coronavirus cases in June, associated with a wholesale market, resulting in authorities instantly putting quarantine in place again, and testing multiple citizens.

All the negative from this epidemic has been awful, including the struggle of possibly bouncing back and forth between lockdown until a vaccine has been made. The upside, although hard to think about as everything seems very glum is now governments are learning how to contain it better, and put the right acts in place, to refrain from any new cases, becoming Beijing’s new normal.

All sporting events, tourism from other parts of China, are stopped. The government have also declared that all restaurants, wedding and large parties will be suspended along with stopping students from grade 1-12 from going to school.

Now, most places in the world are in the same predicament, of how to make everything go back to normal after coronavirus. It has made life terrible for so many, and is still affecting so many places and people.

The rulers have to think about the safety of their people and countries, about whether the governments agree or not about going into lockdown and coming back out, but all it seems to be doing is making it go away for a short period of time, and then reappearing in large spikes.

Chinas back and forth lockdown seems to be helping their numbers drop slightly, but with that it also means the Chinese cannot return to their normal, daily lives.

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