Do plastic face shields work?

Do the plastic face shields work? The answer is no! The normal masks are not the most comfortable things to wear or your face, this is why plastic face shields were made apparent during the pandemic.

Many restaurant and bar workers wear them along with hairdressers, beauticians and receptionists. They are see through plastic shields that have a line of soft material that is placed onto the forehead and stays on with a strap at the back of the head and the shield covers just below the chin.

It has been proven now that these plastic shields are completely useless. In actuality the shield allows airborne coronavirus beads to leave the shield.  Of course, for glasses wearers, and people that struggle breathing the shield is more comfortable to wear. Right now, the main focus is not comfort it is practicality, making sure everyone stays safe and can avoid the virus as much as they can.

The study that took place showed droplets of a minuscule size could escape very easily, increasing the chance of spreading.  The people that are not suitable to wear a normal face mask are advised to wear the plastic face shields but only outdoors or indoors where there is enough space to keep the social distancing requirement and also fresh air flow.

Thank you for reading this article, “Do plastic face shields work?”. Although these were brought out quite a while ago, it has now been proven that they are useless. It is quite distressing knowing the shield doesn’t work when so many people use them. For more up-to-date information on different subjects, visit the Euro Weekly News website.

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