How to prevent maskne!

How to prevent maskne! This may be a funny word, but the matter itself is definitely not amusing. Let’s explain maskne, it’s when you have a breakout (acne) around your nose and mouth area because of the protective face mask.

The new rules mean we have to wear face masks every day to protect us from contacting the virus so, here are some tips to avoid breakouts. These skin irritations can be extremely painful and uncomfortable for people.

It is now a trend to have fun, bright and creative material masks that are worn to look fashionable. Who doesn’t love a matching top and the same coloured or patterned mask?

The medical masks can be more practical, and less irritable. A piece of advice would be to use it once and throw it away. This could be one of the problems, having a material mask means you probably don’t wash it as much as you should and are most likely using the wrong products.

Washing your material mask frequently will help, use non-scented soaps or detergents. The normal soaps could be infecting the area, or causing an itchy rash. Make sure your mask is always clean or new, this whole pandemic revolves around hygiene!

Another factor that comes into preventing maskne is makeup. Anyone that wears makeup will know that heat being trapped in between your face and mask is very troublesome. The makeup is already clogging the pores and by adding heat it adds dirt. Bacteria, oil and sweat start building up, causing major breakouts. The best advice is to wear either no makeup at all in that area, or very light weight products to not block the pores.

Skincare is such a big industry nowadays but it is not always good to pack on loads of different products. Do not stress your skin out more than what you already have to. Avoid harsh soaps, exfoliators and moisturisers. Make sure you have a skincare regime that works for you.

Maskne can be very frustrating, but make sure you use these tips to avoid any more breakouts.

Hope you enjoyed this article, “How to prevent maskne!”. If you have any issues with maskne, try these and let us know if the tips have worked. Visit the Euro Weekly News website to see more articles like this one.

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