Non-mask wearer being hunted by the Police

Non-mask wearer being hunted down by the Police for aggressive attack. An attack took place in a small shop in Gateshead, between a troublemaker and shop keeper.

The attacker had been in the shop previously and was told by the shop keeper [ who was not wearing a mask because of health issues] to wear his mask. The attacker, obviously infuriated by the request, asked why the shop keeper himself was excused of wearing his protective face covering.

The incident was caught on video footage from the CCTV camera, showing the attacker grab the shop keeper by his shirt, pull him forward and start beating him. The man was wearing a scarf, covering his face and ran out the shop quickly after the beating.

Luckily, the victim only had minor injuries like cuts and bruises from the attack. The investigators on this case have disclosed that the attack was not linked to a robbery or anything more violent. It was done out of spite as the attacker felt discriminated against.

The footage was released as part of their mission to gain more information about the attacker. They have explained the suspect is a slim built Asian man in his twenties or thirties, at the time of the attack he was shown to be wearing a black and grey tracksuit.

Police are asking the area to look out for the man as he needs to be punished for his actions, as the attack was distasteful and aggressive.

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