Consequences for COVID spreaders

Consequences for COVID spreaders. Anybody not abiding by the new coronavirus regulations will be faced with a fine of up to £10,000.

The Government are supporting people who are calling into authorities explaining their COVID-19 positive neighbours are not self-isolating. Due to many people not respecting the self-isolation, police will be doing spot check in the most infected areas. Many people have become tired of the extreme coronavirus rules; curfews, social distancing, masks and self-isolating.

As people are getting tired of the regulations more people are neglecting them, therefore spreading more cases. Local lockdowns of certain towns in the UK are quite obviously not helping control the cases of coronavirus. There needs to be a bigger lockdown or stricter rules set in place. Boris Johnson has been recommended to bring in more MP’s to listen. Taking in different ideas and perspectives means the Government can come to some sort of agreement.

Although, the new 10:00pm curfew has cut down the spreading of the virus in bars and restaurants as people aren’t out late enough to get rowdy and overly close to each other. The people that could possibly face these incredibly expensive fines are people who do not care of anyone else’s safety, it’s selfish.

If people are going on holidays they know they need to self-isolate. The risk of travel itself can be very high, as the world is in the middle of a pandemic, that is not getting any better. Although if people do choose to travel, they need to accept self-isolating is a part of the rules. The virus will never disappear or decrease in cases if people are not abiding by the rules that are set in place to keep us safe.

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