Optical illusion: Dog or clown?

Optical illusion: Dog or clown? What do you see? It’s another blue and black or gold and white dress situation!

This picture has gone viral across many different social media platforms. The photo shows a nice little dog, but some people are seeing a creepy clown. What’s going on?! Your brain is playing tricks on you!

This optical illusion, like previous photos has taken the world by storm. It is also a very debate filled topic as there are many people who don’t agree with others. Some people can’t see the clown, some see it every time they look at it and others are seeing it every so often.

The photo is blurred, it is a photograph of a black Labrador mix and because it’s older it has white fur around its mouth. The brain gets completely confused as it is looking for the dog but because of the bad quality has turned it into a killer clown’s face!

If you can’t see the clown and only see the dog, try this! If you cover the top part of the picture and tilt your head slightly, you should be able to see the clown more easily.

Tell us what you can see!

Thank you for reading this article, “Optical illusion: Dog or clown?”. Make sure you comment and tell us what you see. If you have a certain way of seeing the clown, let us know! For more of these fun articles, be sure to visit the Euro Weekly News website.

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