Waiting for a flu injection in Malaga?

Pharmacies in Malaga have a huge waiting list of over 200 people, for the flu vaccine. Waiting for a flu injection in Malaga?

The pharmacies are waiting on hundreds when all they are getting is around four doses, and many pharmacies have five staff or more. Even some staff are not being vaccinated.

The pandemic has made for a major increase in the desire to be inoculated with the flu vaccine. The vaccine is being given to pregnant women, elderly and health workers who are the highest risk to get the flu.

However, with all of the inoculations in the hospitals this means less products for pharmacies. In spite of the very low number of doses being distributed, there are now over 170,000 doses being distributed to the 25,000 pharmacies around Spain, so there will still be a short supply.

The pharmacies are quite confident if everyone sticks to the rules and regulations of wearing face coverings, using hand sanitiser and social distancing then the number of COVID-19 cases will drop. The pharmacists believe the same should be taken into consideration when dealing with the flu.

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