A frustrating day

Some days are better than others. A sunny spring morning heralds a day of enjoyment, achievement and fulfilment. It’s good to be alive!  And then there are days like Thursday, October 22.

I was awakened by heavy rain and a howling wind at about three in the morning. I had to get out of bed and close the widow to subdue the sound and eliminate the draught. I failed to get any more sleep and was tossing and turning until half past six. It’s time to get up.

I remembered I had planned to meet friends for lunch at a seafood beach restaurant in Rincon de la Victoria. This was not going to happen in weather like this.

I stumbled out of bed and headed for the bathroom. There was not enough toothpaste in the tube, so I had to hunt for the new one; I found it in a kitchen cupboard. After I finished shaving, I realised I had forgotten to remove the dust-cap from the Philishave.

So I repeated the operation without the dust-cap and this time it was more effective. Then it was time for the daily ride on the porcelain pony. Oh, dear! The last thing I needed at this stage was a five-minute battle with a stubborn floater.

Three more flushes later and the problem solved, I headed for a hot shower. But while it was pouring with rain outside, the water had been cut off. I started shivering.

I returned to the bedroom and put my socks on inside out. After eventually dressing, I felt ready for breakfast. As there was no water, coffee was out of the question.

Then I realised I had not taken the unwrapped butter from the fridge over night. It was as hard as a brick. A cherry jam baguette with butter would have been nice….

I had no intention of going out in this weather, so I decided to review the investments and switched on the television.

The stock markets had been going up and down like a bride’s nightie. But now, thanks to conflicting news about Covid 19, the world’s economies, and Trump’s threats to disrupt the election and impose more sanctions, they were heading south again. I had no idea whether to buy, sell or let it be. I switched on the TV for the Simpsons.

Once the programme was over I decided to go back to bed. The last thing I was aware of before falling asleep was the rain splattering on the bedroom window.

Written by

David Worboys

Offering a unique insight into everything from politics to food to sport, David is one of the Euro Weekly News´ most popular columnists.