Ashes to ashes? Not necessarily, there are many special ways to use them

Ashes to ashes? Not necessaril, there are many special ways to use them

WHILE we typically think of cremation as a way to send off a loved one who passes away, with their ashes either kept or scattered there are now many different special options, some of which you may never have imagined.

Some people may dream of going into space throughout their lives, but of course only a few actually do so. However, now, space burial is an option that could allow them to fulfil that dream and spend eternity in space.

Space burial consists of launching samples of cremated remains into space.

This doesn’t mean that the remains are simply scattered in space so as not to cause space debris, instead, the ashes remain sealed in small capsules until the spacecraft burns up upon re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere or reach their destinations, such as the Moon.

Only small amounts are used, to avoid causing mass in space and also to make costs more affordable.

As well as cremation jewellery, which is a popular option to carry a little bit of a loved one with us forever, a less known option exists, called Memory Glass. This is a solid glass orb infused with a loved one’s cremated remains.

Hand-made and available in a variety of different colours, each orb uses only a small amount of ashes, so multiple family members can request them as a keepsake. This is not the only form of art which can be made using ashes, as they can be added to paint and used to create a painting depicting a significant place or moment, or a popular option is to have it included in a portrait of the deceased.

Another option is solidifying the cremated remains of a loved one to create a stone. The cremated remains can be made into smooth stones that can be given to family members. The polished rocks can then be carried in a pocket, displayed on a shelf at home or in another significant place and they can be kept close always.

The number of stones created will depend on the amount of ash provided and the appearance of them will vary naturally in shape, colour and texture, making each one uniquely special. The solidified remains are an alternative to conventional ashes which can be carried with us or seen at all times.

Many people get a tattoo in memory of a loved one, but it is also possible to have tattoo ink made which contains a small amount of their ashes, so when it is used to create a tattoo, it will mean that the person can be carried close to use for ever after.

Ashes can surprisingly be compressed into a vinyl record which can hold a recording of your choice and can actually be played to remember that person. This can be an ideal way to remember a music lover, include a track which had special meaning or also hold the recording of the person’s voice.

For those who prefer the more traditional scattering of ashes but want to give it a more original feel, there is the option of doing a skydive and scattering the person’s ashes over a specific landmark or location while doing it.

Travelling around the world or to a specific place is many people’s dream, but unfortunately, it is one that can’t always be realised during life. If your loved one had a place they wanted to go, you can try and take them there.

If you have a memorial object containing their ashes, you can carry it with you, but even if you have a traditional urn with remains, although you will have to see what the policies of airlines are on letting you travel with them, it is an option. You may then want to scatter the ashes in that place.

While holding a celebration of the person’s life, why not let off fireworks? Ashes can be added to them and will then be scattered over the area once the fireworks go off.

Finally, especially for children who have lost a loved one, there are memorial stuffed toys which have a compartment in which to place a small amount of ashes in a bag and can also be personalised with a recording of the person’s voice.

Whatever option you choose, giving a loved one a special send-off or having a memento of them is a special way to keep their memories alive forever. •
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