10 ideas for memorial favours for guests

memorial favours

GIVING favours at parties such as weddings, baby showers and birthdays is a relatively new custom which is now becoming increasingly popular at funerals, you may have already seen some for memorials, but here are some ideas you may not have thought of.

There is a wide variety of little gifts which can be given to guests as favours, all with the intent of remembering the departed and thanking guests for coming to the memorial service. The ideal funeral favour should be significant and/or personalised.

For some of the most popular ideas for funeral favours, also known as keepsakes or giveaways, read on:

Memorial matchbooks and candles

Sets of personalised matchbooks to “light a flame” for the departed can be purchased with a variety of designs, fonts and colours schemes. Candles are also popular and can be personalised with names and dates.

Memorial wristbands

Silicone wristbands became popular for many events in recent years, and giving them as funeral keepsakes is just one of them. They can be customised and worn to remember the departed, carrying their name and dates, they can also be a good way to raise awareness about a disease or ailment which may have affected the person’s life.


Ribbons are also worn as a symbol of awareness, and in the case of the death of a loved one, to draw attention to their life. Black is a popular option for funeral ribbons, but as with the bracelets, you may want to raise awareness for a cause which affected or interested the deceased.

Magnets and coins

They can be personalised with names, dates and photos or significant images, and made from different materials including wood, plastic, pewter and stainless steel, they come in different sizes and make an attractive keepsake to give attendees at a memorial service.


Badges personalised with photos and details of the deceased can be handed out upon arrival at the memorial service and will give guests a feeling of unity in remembering the deceased.


Much like the options above, they can be personalised with names, dates and photos, and are an items which the recipients can keep close to them at all times or hang in a place where they can be seen. There are almost infinite different options, although laser engravings are one of the most popular, on metal, wood, acrylic and other materials.


Small charms are very affordable trinkets and can either be attacked to necklaces or bracelets before giving them to guests, or given in an organza bag with a card with a significant quote and the details of the departed. The charms themselves can also be engraved. Popular shapes for funeral favour charms include hearts, angels, shamrocks, birds…


Bookmarks are a tasteful option for memorial favours and are very durable. They can be personalised with photos, dates and meaningful quotes. They can be made in leather, with laser engravings or in other materials and a colour tassel can be added if you desire.

Blooming memorial favours

Bookmarks can be personalised to include an emblem made from seed paper which can be detached and planted to grow flowers in memory of a loved one. These emblems come in shapes such as hearts, angels and butterflies and can be personalised with names, dates and memorial quotes. They can also be obtained without the bookmarks.

Seeds and stones

Seed packets can also be personalised and handed out as keepsakes at funerals, with popular flowers including forget-me-nots and sunflowers. Tree seedlings which can also be planted to celebrate life are also very symbolic and a popular idea.

Another natural option is an engraved memorial stone, which can be kept in a pocket or bag, used for household decoration or placed in the garden or a potted plant.

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