The whine-fest was pure pantomime

PR PROJECT: No Oscars for their recent performance.

THIS week I intended to give advice on the upkeep of your Azaleas. Dream on! On second thoughts, I decided I’d better toe the journalistic line and scribe my views on a subject that has probably occupied more columnists’ grey matter than the death of Lady Diana and the abdication of King Edward put together.

Yes, of course I’m referring once again to THAT interview. Last week I wrote a few lines decrying the whole charade, however that was only after viewing the first carefully selected trailers that had ‘leaked’ out.

Later, after seething through the whole painfully contrived event, I felt even more convinced that this was a clever PR exercise, designed to do nothing more than absolve Ms Meghan from the majority of public opinion, which considered she had captured and lured a young impressionable man from his loving family and was subsequently using him to further her own career and raise her status in Hollywood society.

Well, to my mind, the plan to restore this young lady’s ever so important ‘celebrity integrity’ failed miserably. This was a calculated and extremely expensive Public Relations project from the very outset and was undoubtedly the result of many meetings between Ms Oprah, her PR department and Ms Markel. (Harry was probably issued with a script to peruse at home!)

The whole intelligence insulting debacle involved a cast consisting of three people, one of the richest black women in America; a mixed race Hollywood soap actress, married into Royalty and a young, privileged and utterly spoiled Prince.

The ‘shoot’ took place under the California sunshine in the gazebo of a millionaire friend, just a stone’s throw from their own respective multi-million dollar mansions and showed them discussing as to how discriminated against and victimised they all were!  I mean, just how much of mugs do they take us all for?

One of the main problems faced by the PR people was to somehow reverse public opinion that her split with (yet another) family – was not due Meghan’s connivance or manipulation. No Oscars in that direction either.

I thought their performances were mediocre and almost laughingly implausible. They would never have gotten a series out of it.

Even the usual racist accusations and close up of Oprah’s ‘jaw drop’, which was always intended to be a show stopper, was badly delivered and lacking in authenticity. They hadn’t even coordinated their individual scripts.

Anyway, if my own family was prone to having three nipples and I wondered if a new born family member would follow the same trait; it wouldn’t make me a ‘nipple’ist’, merely a curious in-law.

No this whole whine-fest was pure pantomime.  Those who are interested in body language will, I’m sure, also have noticed that throughout the whole discussion, it was her Ladyship’s hand resting firmly on top of his, pinning it securely to the arm of the chair. Position normal I would ascertain!

Late Sunday newsflash. Relatives of George Floyd have been awarded $25 million! There you are, his life was worth something after all!

Keep the faith

Love Leapy
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