‘Galician Rambo’ Escapes From Spanish Prison

‘Galician Rambo’ Escapes From Spanish Prison

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‘GALICIAN RAMBO’ escapes from Spanish prison for the third time

A convicted murderer known as the ‘Galician Rambo’ has escaped from prison for the third time in his long criminal career, official sources reported to Spanish daily EP. The former legionary was sentenced to seventeen years in prison back in 1996 for killing a young man and was out on temporary release when he failed to return to the Monterroso prison in Lugo. According to prison officials, the 63-year-old was nearing the end of his incarceration when he fled. This is the third time the inmate has made a bid for freedom since beginning his sentence.

According to sources from the Government Delegation, the Galician Rambo, whose real name is Alfredo Sánchez Chacón, has been missing for two weeks, after not returning to the penitentiary on March 15. He was due for release in August 2025.

The Galician Rambo was signed up to the legion by his father to avoid a jail term when her was younger; the green beret they wore led to his nickname later in life. When he left the legion, Chacón began his life of crime by robbing houses but quickly evolved to murder. A huge manhunt was launched when he shot a man in Cuntis in Pontevedra and just a few days later attempted to take the life of a brothel owner.

Chacón escaped into the mountains, where people lived in fear of coming across the cold-blooded killer. He was quickly apprehended, but just as quickly escaped from the police who arrested him. Almost a year later, he was again captured in Xove in Lugo and sent to prison, where he remained only seven months before managing to escape by using his bed sheets as a rope. He was eventually recaptured and tried and convicted of murder in 2002.

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