Spanish Consumers To Play A More Active Role In The Renewable Energy Market

Spanish Consumers To Play A More Active Role In The Renewable Energy Market

Spanish Consumers To Play A More Active Role In The Renewable Energy Market.
Spanish consumers will soon be allowed to play a more active role in the renewable energy market after a change in EU legislation.
As consumers, we now rely on electricity for everything, we use it to cook, surf the internet, watch television and wash our clothes. It keeps us warm in the winter and cool in the summer- in other words, we use it for everything. The majority of us do not for a second wonder where the power comes from, how it is generated and how its production affects the environment.
However, all this is about to change as new rules making the EU’s electricity market fit for the future and putting the consumer at the centre of the energy transition have recently been signed off by the European Parliament.
This seen by everyone as an important step in enabling the European Union and its Member States to embrace the clean energy transition, follow up on the already adopted 2030 climate legislation and meet the Paris Agreement commitments.
Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Miguel Arias Cañete said: “I thank the European Parliament for its strong support for the clean and fair energy transition, taking the EU a step closer towards delivering the Energy Union with citizens at its core, one of the key priorities President Juncker set out for this Commission. Today’s approval of the new electricity market design will make energy markets more flexible and facilitate the integration of a greater share of renewable energy.
“An integrated EU energy market is the most cost-effective way to ensure secure and affordable supplies to all EU citizens. I am particularly pleased that we have agreed on a common framework for capacity mechanisms that will ensure such mechanisms will be in line with our climate objectives in the future while taking into account legitimate security of supply concerns.”
New Tariffs for June 2021
A new tariff structure comes into force for all electricity consumers in Spain as of June 1, 2021, The idea is that we, the consumer, will now be responsible for our energy use, we should;

  1. Consume less and shift our consumptions to cheaper time slots as much as possible.
  2. Consume better by adjusting our contracted powers and not wasting energy.
  3. Consume renewable by optimising photovoltaic resources (solar panels) in the hours of maximum production.

The future for power generation is bright, with new technology, new legislation and greater public awareness of the environmental impacts caused by fossils fuels, we really are on the first steps of the path to total renewable energy. RH.
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