Former Madrid Footballer Loses Paternity Case

Former Madrid Footballer Loses Paternity Case. Image: Wikimedia

A FORMER Madrid footballer has lost a paternity case brought by a woman claiming to be his daughter.

The Madrid footballer lost his paternity case after a court rule a woman is his daughter.
According to Spanish newspaper Sur, a judge has ruled in favour of Francisca España from Malaga.
The court found the woman is the legitimate daughter of former Madrid player Paco Gento following a DNA test and testimony from witnesses.
The ruling found the woman is the daughter of Gento and the dancer Francisca España.
The case, led by lawyer Fernando Osuna, saw the judge summon 86-year-old Gento three times to undergo a DNA test, however the footballer declined.  A DNA test finally showed the former footballer was the woman’s father.
In February, the former Madrid footballer was summoned to take a DNA test for a third time after refusing to two times previously.
Lawyer Fernando Osuna told one publication that if Gento does not submit to a test Spain’s Civil Procedure Law may be applied which states if a person sued for paternity repeatedly refuses to provide his DNA, the court may declare the him the father, “provided there are other indications of paternity or maternity.”
According to media reports, there was evidence suggesting Gento is the father of the child in question, named Francisca España’s, after she allegedly obtained DNA samples from Gento and one of his children, which when compared to Francisca España’s yielded a 99 per cent compatibility result.
In addition to the DNA tests, the plaintiff and her lawyer have brought forward several witnesses who say there is a connection between Gento and Francisca’s mother, a well-known dancer from Madrid with whom the footballer allegedly had a relationship that lasted several years.
According to witnesses, the dancer and Gento lived together in a hotel and their relationship ended with the birth of Francisca.
The woman told one publication: “I want to be recognised for what I am, my surname is España by my mother, but my real name is Gento.”
She claimed she did not care about any money she might receive following the ruling in Madrid.

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