Spanish Supreme Court Rules In The Case Of Singer’s Julio Iglesias ‘Valencian Son’

Spanish Supreme Court Rules In The Case Of Singer's Julio Iglesias 'Valencian Son'

Spanish Supreme Court Rules In The Case Of Singer's Julio Iglesias 'Valencian Son'. image: Twitter

Spanish Supreme Court Rules In The Case Of Singer’s Julio Iglesias ‘Valencian Son’.

A Spanish Supreme Court has ruled in the case of Singer’s Julio Iglesias ‘Valencian Son’. The Court has rejected the appeal filed by Javier Sánchez Santos, the young Valencian who claimed to be the singer’s unrecognized son, according to documents made public by a court order. The Supreme Court considers the case closed and would even discuss any details on the matter.

The case was triggered when a Valencia Court received certain documents just a year ago. In May 2020, the court noted that the paternity claim filed by the Valencian against the singer was res judicata“- (Res judicata, also known as claim preclusion, is the Latin term for “a matter decided” and refers to either of two concepts in both civil law and common law legal systems) because years before two courts had already ruled on the matter.

The court of first instance number 13 of Valencia had initially agreed with Javier Sánchez, but the Supreme Court now confirms the ruling of the Court is that now it rejects it.

Santos had claimed to be the result of a relationship between the dancer María Edite Santos and the most international Spanish singer back in the summer of 1975. The Supreme Court does not enter into questions regarding DNA evidence.

The dancer has been fighting for almost 30 years for the paternity of Javier Sánchez Santos to be recognised. In July 1975, the young Portuguese twenty-year-old María Edite worked as a dancer in a Tarragonean party room, where Julio Iglesias was captivated by her beauty and was hanging around her until he managed to grab a brief moment with her “in a villa belonging to him in Sant Feliu de Guixols ”, she explained.

“There were about ten sporadic encounters, but it wasn’t just sex, we made love,” she says. Nine months later and after returning to Valencia to work, Javier Sánchez Santos was born.

According to the order, the appeal presented by the Valencian (represented by the Sevillian lawyer Javier Osuna, a specialist in cases of affiliations with celebrities or known people) can only be filed when the previous court enters the merits of the matter. In this case, the Court did not do so, so the present Supreme Court declared a procedural end to the case.

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