Man living in Spain Uses Severed Finger to Unlock Phone

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Frigiliana council implements new communication app. Credit: Pixabay

Man living in Spain Uses Severed Finger to Unlock Phone.

A man in Spain has been able to prove that it is possible to unlock his Samsung Galaxy phone using the tip of his finger that was severed two weeks ago. The index fingertip of Kieran Higgins was unfortunately severed two weeks ago during an industrial accident. He lives in Spain and is a semi-retired auditor.

Higgins has been keeping his fingertip in medicinal alcohol since the accident and now alleges that he can use the severed digit to unlock his mobile phone. Speaking to The Register, Higgins explained his cunning plan to put his severed fingertip to good use. He explained that, ‘I devised a cunning plan to register the fingerprint on my brand new shiny whatsit,’

‘I extracted [the fingertip] from its grave of medicinal alcohol, dried it off and… eureka! … managed to register my dead finger on my phone.’

The fingertip is not in good shape though as it was crushed during an accident which involved a crane and is now shrivelled. The tip also has a hole through its centre where the bone used to be.

Higgins lives in rural Spain and lost his fingertip during an accident before he then managed to drive himself to his nearest pharmacy. On arrival at the pharmacy they “wrapped it in paper” before telling him that he would need to attend hospital, which was another 20 kilometre drive for the injured man.

Unfortunately though the fingertip was too damaged to be reattached in hospital and medics were only able to bandage what remained of his injured finger and send him home with antibiotics and painkillers as reported The Mail Online.

He decided to keep his injured fingertip and explained to The Register that, ‘Keeping evidence and stuff is always a good idea.’

‘You never know when it’s gonna turn nasty. So I kept it in case anybody asked me first… because insurance companies never like to pay out.’


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