Spectacular Tornado On The A-23 In Caudé in Aragon

Spectacular Tornado On The A-23 In Caudé in Aragon

Spectacular Tornado On The A-23 In Caudé in Aragon. image: twitter

SPECTACULAR Tornado Appears On The A-23 In Caudé, Teruel, in Aragon

Drivers travelling along the A-23 near the small town of Caudé in the province of Teruel, Aragon, last Friday afternoon (June 4), at around 7pm, were treated to the spectacular sight of a tornado, which although not causing any significant damage, did throw some small stones against vehicles in its vicinity.

Sources from the Guardia Civil reported that the vehicles travelling along the road in close proximity to the whirlwind only suffered minimal damage to paintwork, and while there were no accidents, drivers reported feeling the strong force of the wind against their cars, whilst also be shocked at the incredible sight of observing close-up, such a weather phenomenon so near to the road, according to diariodeteruel.es.

Many videos were taken of the tornado, which soon appeared on social media, along with spectacular images taken by some occupants of the vehicles as they drove past the twisting funnel of air, with people reporting the tornado as being perfectly visible from Teruel, and also places like El Pinar.

Santiago Gonzalvo, the mayor of Caudé – thankful that the whirlwind did not enter into the town – reported observing the phenomenon from his orchard, and said he believed it came from the direction of nearby Concud, from where, the town mayor, Carlos Valero, reported that the town had not been affected either, but that many residents had witnessed the sight of the tornado from afar, and seen it on social media networks.

Eyewitnesses who witnessed the tornado starting out claimed that the column of air formed quickly, dragging up particles of dust into its centrifuge, before moving at high-speed towards the Mudejar road, thinking that it was headed in the direction of El Pinar, but that it changed direction and eventually extinguished itself.

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