Rincon City Council prohibits tents and smoking on beaches

Rincon City Council prohibits tents and smoking on beaches

Rincon City Council prohibits tents and smoking on beaches. Image: Pinterest

Rincon City Council prohibits tents and smoking on beaches.

Rincón City Council prohibits tents and smoking on the beaches and a safety distance will be maintained
The Town Hall of Rincón de la Victoria has released a municipal notice outlining the restrictions for using the coastal beaches, which include COVID19 control and preventative measures. Among other things, the one-and-a-half-metre safety distance will be maintained, and tents will be prohibited on the beach. On the beaches along the coast, smoke-free zones have been established.
These are the “prevention rules necessary to combat and control the pandemic while the vaccination process is underway,” as proposed by Beaches Councillor Sergio Diaz (PP).
The mayor of Rincón de la Victoria, Francisco Salado (PP), emphasized “the critical nature of implementing these measures on the municipality’s beaches to maintain the safety and well-being of inhabitants and tourists.” “Our mission will remain to provide safe beaches that adhere to the health authorities’ bather safety standards.”
Additionally, the councillor notes that “it is our responsibility to remind and set regulations and suggestions throughout the summer season through the publication of this notice, which takes effect today and will remain in effect until 30 September.”
And, in order to safeguard those who visit and enjoy the beaches of Rincón de la Victoria, as well as to avoid the spread of COVID19, a number of preventative and hygienic measures have been implemented to ensure responsible use of the beaches and its facilities, both environmentally and health-wise.
To this purpose, it is necessary to maintain a minimum safety distance of 1.5 metres on beaches and between different groups of people, as well as to adhere to distancing, hygiene, and preventative measures.
Additionally, the erection of tents is prohibited, as is the installation of any tents, tarpaulin structures, or other shelters, regardless of their materials or shapes, open or closed. Umbrellas may be installed as long as they are easily dismantled.
The following locations have been designated as ‘smoke-free beaches,’ with smoking strictly prohibited: Rincón de la Victoria (area containing the Goddess Noctiluca statue), La Cala del Moral (area containing the Llano de Baluma statue), and Torre de Benagalbón (area around the Arroyo Serrezuela). Masks will be permitted only in accordance with basic regulations.
All of these initiatives were reported, and the bulk of them were approved by the Reactive Commission’s political forms.
The municipal notice is available on the town hall’s website at:
https://www.rincondelavictoria.es/bandos/-/asset publisher/ZXMHMIsSNqdv/content/id/493765
Along with these beach access regulations, the cleaning and disinfection of toilets has been stepped up to ensure their continued health and hygiene.
Similarly, the Rincón de la Victoria Local Police will establish a security device this weekend to monitor and implement the requirements.
Additionally, the statement includes a list of recommendations for responsible beach use and measures for the San Juan celebration from 21:00 hours on 23 June to 7:00 hours on 24 June, during which it is prohibited to occupy the beaches with tables, chairs, tents, or towels, as well as any other activity other than bathing or strolling.
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