Pharmacies in Andalucia Develop Information Campaign about Nile Fever

Nile Virus Detected in Sevilla Confirmed as False Positive

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THE Andalucian Council of Colleges of Pharmacists (Cacof) has launched a campaign to prevent West Nile Fever, a disease of which in 2020 there were more than 70 cases caused by the inoculation of Nile Fever Virus through the bite of mosquitoes and from which this Wednesday, June 16, the first case detected in this year 2021 was reported in Sevilla.

As reported by Diario Sevilla, the CACOF, in collaboration with the eight official associations of pharmacists in Andalucia, has initiated an information campaign aimed, firstly, at pharmaceutical professionals, and, finally, at the population in order to publicise the main aspects related to this disease and its fundamental prevention measures, mostly aimed at avoiding mosquito bites, which is the main route of transmission of Nile Fever. The objective of the campaign is to train Andalucian pharmacists about what this disease is and the main preventive measures to avoid possible infections and to inform them of the epidemiological situation in their area of ​​influence. It aims to offer the Andalucian population basic advice and recommendations on how to prevent and control mosquito bites in the summertime.

“Pharmacy offices, as health establishments that are closer and more accessible to the patient, are a strategic point of safe, quality and trustworthy information for citizens, and hence the initiative that we have decided to launch to help the Andalucian population in the prevention of West Nile Fever, and in making them aware of the importance of protecting themselves against mosquito bites. Our network of almost 4,000 pharmacies can be an important support point in this work of dissemination and prevention of possible new cases of the disease,” explains the president of the Cacof, Antonio Mingorance.

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